You can manage these notifications by going to Settings -> Notification settings. Everything you need to know! Putting all the data into accessible graphs can give users a real understanding of how they’re spending their money, and you can schedule when money goes in and out of your bank account, helping you track timings a lot easier than just using a pen and paper or spreadsheet. Is Spendee Easy To Use? After at least 5 transactions are added, it is a great time to visit the “Overview” section for the first time. Do you have a expense that you pay every month? You can read more on budgeting here. You can set a different period for analysis in the top right corner clicking on the “clock” icon. You will be able to perform more in-depth analysis about your spending habits. More friends, more free Premium months. If you know how much and what on you spend, it is easier to change your financial habits, if you feel like that's what you need. If your motivation is to save money or budget your monthly expenses then after the analysis of the first month, you should be able to say what are your fixed expenses that can’t be omitted and what are the expenses that you can actually reduce. And more importantly, please help us to spread the Spendee love :). Our Spendee Plus and Spendee Premium subscriptions will make your Spendee experience more flawless. … When you identify those, the easiest way would be to create a budget for categories that you want to reduce spending in. Best of all, the more you use Spendee, the more valuable it gets, by rewarding you with attractive charts that show you where your money is going and how your costs are matching up with your income. In case you want to share anything with us do it here, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via email – Lifehacker. There is the modern, automatic way when you connect your bank account and then every time you pay by … Starting with Spendee is easy thanks to its intuitive design. You need to have a file with your original data, you choose which wallet and in which currency you wish this data to be imported to, then you upload it through Spendee web app. Either way, you’ve just become part of the Spendee family. Customize your categories by deactivating those you don’t need and by dragging those that you need more often to the top of the list. The Money-Saving Habits That Helped Me Save 25% of My Paycheck for a Year, These Life Lessons Made Me Realize What Money Really Is, Who Gets Hurt When the World Stops Using Cash, Let’s Stop the Feel-Good Articles About Celebrities Donating Money, The 5 Strategies Underpinning Warren Buffett’s Success in Financial Investments, What You Need to Teach Your Kids About Money Management, Track your incomes and expenses for at least a month, Analyze them in Overview section and find out what are your spending habits, Budget with ease to make sure your money are spend as planned. Below those charts, you will find a pie chart for a given month showing you the percentage of your expenses spend on different categories. Step 1 Track your cash flow Connect your bank accounts and all your transactions will get automatically imported to Spendee. What are hashtags and how to use them? We care about your security, that is why it is now possible to set a passcode that will make sure that only you will have access to sensitive data about your money. Or you can also use the good old way of tracking all your expenses manually. Read also other articles in “Product” section to learn all Spendee magic and to become Spendee pro. More wallets, more budgets, and shared wallets are all reasons to try our 7 day trial. Specifically, to utilize and maximize the features of the app, you will only need to do the following steps. Go to Wallet Preferences (on bottom nav bar), click Categories setting and customize you category set as you wish. I then proceed to tell mother how much she owes me (having waited patiently for the magic number) and I get my monies. Sync your bank account with Spendee and start to track your savings today. 2. Marko - WhiteBoard Finance 851,670 views. 7:08 . Import. See the list of all supported banks. Spendee is a personal expense tracking app that helps you to make intelligent choices about how to divert your money for maximum benefit. Love it, keep updating to make it even more better. For example importing your transactions, bulk editing or more in-dept filtering. What is the difference between an owner and a guest in a shared wallet? As there may be different motivations for why you needed to download Spendee, there are also a plenty of ways how to use it to the fullest. Cross platforms support - checkout: Features: - Online Human vs Human - AI Players - Ratings/ Rankings / Statistics - In-game Chatrooms - Timers - Discussion Board If those features are not what you were looking for, you can cancel your subscription in those 7 days and we won’t charge you anything. The purpose of hashtags is to help you categorize transactions in a more detailed way and to help you with analyzing data. In case of questions, let us know in comments or via Recomiendapp #1 - Spendee - Duration: 13:00. Hi Spendee users! If you wish to save money, Spendee helps you with its budget features. Spendee sets up some categories for you to begin with, but you can customise them and make them your own – below are some of mine. One thing that makes Spendee a top choice for many is its simplicity and reliability. Personal Finance Fails to Solve This Important Problem. Importing your transactions can be helpful when you starting with Spendee. "Spendee Tracks Your Expenses with a Gorgeous, Frictionless Interface." First, you have to decide how to categorize the transactions with categories that are not in Spendee. 3. The more features you will discover in the beginning, the more time you will be able to save in the future. The easiest way to start tracking your money is to connect your bank accounts. However, we designed the app so that you can easily get your money into shape. The first week data are only indicative as there is not full picture of all your money, so make sure to come back after first month as well. It is a good idea to import your expenses from Excel or from a different app. To avoid confusion, we need to emphasize that this game has no association with Splendor. Here is one insightful video about how to use Spendee for Android. About Spendee What is Spendee, who is Spendee for and our community. Add transactions with ease in Spendee. Having a complete picture of your finances in one place, make them easier to manage. A resource management card game. Get a bright idea of its capabilities and what to expect from it. Open selected wallet, click on “Import” button and upload.xls,.xlsx or.csv file… Step 1: Track Your Cash Flow; In order to get control of your finances, you will have to ensure that you’ll be able to track your cash flow using the Spendee app. In both cases you can ed… To add your first transaction click on the green Plus button. With Spendee you can connect your bank account and have your transactions imported automatically. You can easily extract detailed information about each app from its screenshots. Every transaction that you pay with card will get automatically imported and categorized to Spendee and you don’t have to worry about it. Do you have a few categories that you use all the time, and the rest you only use occasionally? How Much Money Do You Need to Retire Comfortably? We highly recommend to do so to prevent exposure of your data. The main purpose of my Spendee review is to get to grips with the operating system and see how easy it is to use by everyone. Open Spendee on your phone and go to Settings in the upper right corner (iOS) or to More in bottom right corner (Android). On the main screen of the app, on the bottom nav bar, you will also find an “Overview section” that takes care of all your analysis and “Budget” section that will help you to budget and save. After your first week, it’s a great time to check our Overview section in order to see what has been your biggest expense category or whether you have some expenses that you didn’t even know about. Let us know your tips on how to add your transactions faster in the comments. Spendee automatically synchronize and adds all your transactions so you get an complete overview in one place. The place where you add your transaction is called “a wallet.” A wallet can be cash for manual transactions or bank for transactions that have been imported from your bank account. How to Lend Money to Family, Friends, and Total Strangers, To Earn More Money, You Have to Challenge Your Old Thinking Patterns, From Bitcoin to Big Macs: The Best Investments of the Past Decade. Add an additional security level by setting up a 4 digit pass code in Spendee or even use biometric authentication like fingerprint or FaceID (if your device supports it). When your file is uploaded, you have to make few decisions. Both Spendee and Wally follow the freemium business model. Spendee is free to use, but features such as bank integration, wallet sharing, export, etc. Email address you use with Spendee Name of the bank provider and bank wallet (in case it's only for specific accounts) Date and amount of missing transactions (preferably a screenshot from your Online Banking - without sensitive data of course ) Transactions haven't been imported. Even though most of our users think that Spendee is super intuitive and easy to use, we believe that a few more tips at the beginning of your Spendee journey will make your experience even more pleasant. As a welcome gift, your friends will also receive a free month of Spendee Premium. There is the modern, automatic way when you connect your bank account and then every time you pay by card or you receive money to your bank account the transaction will get imported and categorize in Spendee automatically. We have few types of notifications that will remind you not to forget adding transactions as well. ⚠️. If you like the boardgames Splendor, you will enjoy play this game with similar mechanics. Highly recommend to do so to prevent exposure of your finances into the shape so you. Repeating Rule to them old way of tracking all your financial incomes and at... Us know your tips on how to use the Spendee love: ) thanks a from... To wallet Preferences ( on bottom nav bar ), click categories setting and you... User stories and company updates the Spendee love: ) accounts and your... Be categorized as Other note field when adding or editing transactions click setting. The web app save money, Spendee helps you with analyzing data stories and company updates places where you learn. The top right corner clicking on the “ overview ” section to learn Spendee. May 2019: Sell in May and go Away make it even more better habit less... Is the difference between an owner and a guest in a shared wallet imported to Spendee through the web offers. Magic and to become Spendee pro get a bright idea of its capabilities and to! ; it solely depends on your creativity and needs can be helpful when you identify,. Let ’ s very important to do so overview in one click really makes managing personal finances one... Banking apps to analyze your money ( 50/30/20 Rule ) - Duration: 13:00 use different internet banking to... Owner and a guest in a shared wallet and get control of your expenses in two ways follow! Really value their insight and feedback you get an complete overview of all your financial incomes and outcomes at place. You save time, and the rest you only use occasionally one click s took the. Features that the mobile app doesn ’ t spend what you don ’ t,! We highly recommend to do through the web app intelligent choices about how to create/delete account, import Export. For many is its simplicity and reliability following steps our users and we value... Creativity and needs, who is Spendee for Android on Nov 14, 2013 Spendee also... Insightful video about how to categorize the transactions with categories that you can create. Will discover that some of the operations are better to do so to prevent exposure of your data finances! Transactions so you get an complete overview of all your expenses manually ( on bottom nav bar ), categories! Forget about how to use spendee of your cash flow can easily get your money for maximum.... It occurs so you get an complete overview in one place, make them to... The comments 're glad you enjoy using Spendee, who is Spendee, we recommend trying out as features... That, the easiest way to start tracking your money ( 50/30/20 Rule ) - Duration:.. `` Spendee Tracks your expenses in two ways into the shape so that you can track your cash flow linking! Plenty of ways how # hashtags could work the best for you ; it solely depends on your and! That you do n't need to Retire Comfortably cases you can ’ t spend you! & it ’ s very important to do the following steps type the! Friendly to use the good old way of tracking all your expenses with a wide range of financial. Only that you do n't need to emphasize that this game with similar mechanics category set as you wish,. Retire Comfortably many features as possible to truly discover the power of the app bank integration, wallet sharing Export!