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The Wapiti or the Rocky Mountain Elk is the most common variety of elk found in Arizona. But, with less … Find a spot with south facing slopes or meadows for food, creeks or springs for water and a couple of timbered or brushy benches for bedding areas and you should have a perfect recipe for elk. ...got to put the smack down on my first elk, a beautiful, Your website is a great help! Often referred to as the “Disneyland” of elk hunting. I am looking for some pointers on hunting (cow archery tag) cow elk in this area of Unit 1. More gun hunters will be in the woods during late season — in some high density areas, ten times more! The Wapiti have thick hides and large organs. Meals and lodging are included in the cost of the hunt. You need to be comfortable with your draw weight. Units 4a and 5a I believe the north parts of those units. Thanks, Steve, by Chuck We will never sell or rent your email address. (Alabama). Amateurs also underestimate the ability of the elk to elude even experienced hunters. Arizona has some of the best elk hunting in the world for hunters who are fortunate to draw one of the coveted tags. this hunt is best served by all day glass sessions whereby the opportunity to harvest can be at the close of the day, high noon or the crack of dawn. If you are looking for a 9 or 10-day period to hunt elk, you have 2 incredible options: the 10th – 19th should be incredible, and the 17th – 26th should be amazing as well. If you’re shooting a rifle, go to the range and learn how far you can shoot accurately and comfortably before your trip. Because we live in the desert, finding adequate water sources can be difficult from year to year. of filling a tag. In an effort to maintain a more consistent level of elk population, large herds have been allowed to grow and thrive in Arizona. bull elk - otc & limited opportunity. Having to start over and try western Montana. Simply click here to return to Share Your Elk Hunting Pictures, Stories, Comments or Questions!. ...got to put the smack down on my first elk, a beautiful New Mexico 300 class bull.". (lakeside Az), never hunted late bull unit 27 Az need some good tips, by kevin 18943 E. Pony Creek Rd. I'm always used to hunting them with bow during the rut. Good hunting to all and God bless. For a long time, Arizona has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the top spots for elk hunting. Elk hunting requires some serious time, Mitchell emphasized. Regardless of what weapon sportsman may use they will be in for a memorable and exciting hunting adventure. I just wanted to thank you for On my first bear hunt, I had no idea what to look for or what I was doing at all for that matter. I have harvested a bull during rifle season in this zone but have not hunted bow here. The elk mates during these months. I didn't get much time to scout and learn my unit. I was not able to find it while searching Google Maps. I always hear the stories of the hunters who call in 40+ elk in a season and don’t get a chance to put their tag on one. Guys I am desperate for some help. Canada),"I think the gun you shoot Elk with should be one you shoot a lot with... ", .35 Remington, by Bill Smith "...my .35 Rem appears to have dropped a medium deer flawlessly, but I now have serious doubts as to its capability to take an elk.". (Prescott, Az), yeah, age is taking it's toll on my old body, bad left hip and bad right foot... worried this may be my last elk hunt. I'm looking for some tips and some good hunting spots. An elk license alone can run to four figures. SEE MORE. Their natural habitats resound with the calls or bugles of aggressive male elks seeking to mate with females. Hector, TX: "Wow, that was fast! You guys are amazing!!!". ", Thomas (OR), "Reading your tips has helped me to formulate a hopefully I got a late bull muzzle loader hunt in Arizona unit 3b. I would very much benefit from any suggestions/information on where to find elk in this area. Join in and write your own page! I did not draw a tag for Missouri breaks where I have hunted in the past. Any suggestions for a late Nov. early Dec. hunt in unit 6A in Az? In addition, they have strong bones. "You have to be ready to put in the time and effort." ", Join in and write your own page! The following 9 hunting tips can help you to make your quest for a bull elk successful and a little easier. SEE MORE. And if you are lucky enough to have a tag in states like Arizona and New Mexico, this is your week as well! Sightings places to poke around. (Saugus, CA). Karl Badger’s list of items needed for a successful 10-day wilderness elk hunt when you pack in on horses: Rest assured that your elk hunt with us will be a quality experience from start to finish. (Holbrook MA), Looking for any intel on unit 7e and 9 we both have gun tags and will be starting off of rt 180 on the unit border. You can hunt the tall pines to the pinons - all hold big elk. SPECIALIZING IN BIG ELK THE LAST 35 YEARS! I'm a student at ISU and I'm looking for somewhere around here to hunt next season. A guide will also help you to handle the creature once you have caught it. I wanted to personally Whether it’s manmade stock tanks or remote springs, there is almost always a degree of homework that needs to be done in order to find good water sources in Arizona. ", Jesse, NM: "I just wanted to thank you for taking the time and energy I also know a guy who kills elk with a 243. And good luck to all you elk hunters this season. My next attempt will be an over-the-counter elk hunt up near Holbroke and Winslow, AZ. Keep it simple and you’ll be better off. by Rob Marchio Six big-game experts share their secrets for finding, stalking, and killing big bulls on public land. Knowledge and finding elk have found it to be very useful and enlightening. I wish The elks can survive in a variety of habitats, which is why elk hunters are faced with an exciting choice of locations to pursue their hobby. At fall, many hunters rush to Arizona with the intention of grabbing a prize bull or for the sheer challenge of hunting the most elusive of all game animals, the elk. Elk can be slow, cumbersome and big creatures that may follow more than one footstep. Each packages will include: One or two full days of scouting in the unit. Photo Galleries; The Elk. Man, once we get to 4 or 5 call-ins without a bloodtrail, I start getting pr… Thanks, Have a 6A muzzle loader hunt Nov 15-22 Im taking my 75 year old dad on. A good guide will be full of tricks, advise, and tips on bringing down the best elk. The male Wapiti is around 700 pounds in weight, but he could possibly be larger. Simply click here to return to, 295 yard kill with a Kimber Montana 325 WSM. Jordan, MT: "Your website is a great help! by Jimmy (New Mexico), I've come across many areas that just stink of elk, literally. (Tucson, AZ). If you bugle excessively or too loudly, the elk will become alert to the fact that there is a hunter around. Our scouting packages were developed to give the do it yourself hunter a head start when planning their Arizona Deer, Elk, Bear and Javelina hunts. Thank you, in advance, for your time. Comment: "What do you guys think about the idea of hunting elk with a 270? Download Abhishek's FREE 66 Page Ebook, "How To Play And Enjoy Hunting Video Games [http://www.Hunting-Guru.com/100/index.htm]" from his website [http://www.Hunting-Guru.com/100/index.htm]. Rage Broadheads by Chris, ...my buddy gave me a rage practice tip and when I shot it you could not pick out the broadhead from the field points. They live in rough country and they’re tough animals. How often should I use my cow call?, I am new to the sport of bow hunting elk and my question is how often should I use my cow calls? We put in for tags not expecting to get drawn and if one of us did the other would come along to scout and help.Go figure. Appreciate any suggestions. I can't wait. one I have ever seen. New Mexico Unit 49, by Silas (Los Alamos, NM). Is there anyone that has hunted in any of these units and can give me some friendly advice? One thing I don't do easily is quit trying. Hunters must arrive in Phoenix, Arizona the day prior to the start of the hunt and rent a vehicle to get to our hunting location. Since I'm in no shape to be hiking a lot (maybe a little) but not so much.... wondering if any unit 10 hunters of the past or present may point me in the right direction.. Now mind you, I'm not asking that you shoot one for me, just give me some ideas as unit 10 is HUGE!! Here are some things that I learned that may be helpful to the first-time elk hunter: 1. Drawn for 5b North. I am planning on an over-the-counter elk hunt in the northern part of 4A and 5A; probably in mid October or early November. by Idaho Steve (Hailey, Id ), In the middle of the night, a herd of elk came traveling through the drainage and right past my tent... Smelly Elk Areas? Hunt Arizona 2017 edition Any suggestions on areas to hunt would be greatly appreciated. Next to sheep hunting, elk hunting is the toughest hunt in Idaho. I got drawn for an archery elk in unit 6a. We do offer some one day scouting packages for Javelina, Mule Deer, Coues deer and elk in units 22, 23, 24B, 37A, 37B. Search Website. It's a DYI hunt; two tags. Finally filled the freezer..., Colorado Rockies~ "I was bummed when I got to the property and no elk, nor any hoof prints in the snow. He has hunted this unit before and the problem is I have never been any where close to this area. We have gotten a chance to hunt elk during the rut in some amazing places for some even more amazing animals. Will this work to shoot an elk ? Basic PLUS Author Elk hunters usually get their equipment ready during mid-September to October. With more than 24 years … you luck during your hunts and God bless! Mitchell, Moscow Idaho. I have drawn a cow elk tag in these areas. The bugling makes it easy for the elk hunters to grab an elk or two, which is why the elk mating season is the best time to hunt elk. According to Rick Langley, AZGFD Region 1 game specialist in Pinetop, elk herds are healthy. This is my fist elk hunt and first time to the area. USA) I use my Liberty Ruger M77, 7mm Rem. 325 WSM is worth considering, Palmer Lake,CO: I believe that the .325 WSM is the ultimate elk caliber... 30-30 for Elk? I am somewhat familiar with the Greer area as I have fished the Little Colorado River a few times, but I am not familiar with Coon's Canyon area. ", Retired USMC MSgt Needs Advice, by Ken Wing USMCRET In order to bring down an elk efficienty with the least distress to it, you require a substantial amound of ammunition. https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Abhishek_Agarwal/34694, Recreation and Sports: Hunting Well, I leave in the morning for my cow elk archery hunt in Coons Canyon Hunt area. I have an antlerless tag for August 3 to August 12 this year.Also Does anyone have some decent water holes in that area on their GPS that I can sit on, or is this a scope and stalk area?Please send any help to my email - Dakotaatty@cs.comYES I DO LIVE IN AZ AND HAVE FOR THE LAST 24 YEARS, BUT I USUALLY GET DRAWN IN 10 OF 5B. elk rifle season as its my first. Learn more about the Elk Ranch's guaranteed elk hunts, as well as a number of Idaho elk hunting tips and on-campus activities here on our travel guide. The Arizona elk hunting that Ridgeline Outfitters conducts is split up between several different seasons. (Carson City,NV), "Any suggestions on what areas I may see some signs of elk? I got several useful tips from you, and your site. ", Elk Hunting Idaho Unit 8 8A 11, This is my first year seriously trying to track down some elk. First Elk!, by Tater (Sheridan, Arkansas) I took the advice I received from this website and was successful…I wanted to Thank You and Your Forum and the folks that share on here for the knowledge and information that helped me find an elk I was quite happy with. I am posting this to see if anyone would know of any elk hunts free to disabled vets.... First Elk with a Bow, by Ryan H. (Colorado), ...Finally after many years of hunting with a bow "I got er did"! We have allowed time 5 or 6 days to scout before the hunt. I have been practicing for months with my bows. By staying mobile and lightweight, we are never tied to one area and can easily move to an area that is currently holding elk. How is the elk hunting in unit 30A in Idaho?, by Terry (Richland Center, WI) Has anyone archery elk hunted in unit 30A in Idaho? Elk Hunting Arizona. It's very pleasant to see your sincere spirit of service and customer care... You are doing way more than selling products to customers like me...we are getting tremendous value from all you do with your site and your business. Would help either Sex 2013 to grow and thrive in Arizona, although you always... Dallas: my elk did not draw a tag for Missouri breaks where i an... ( the late season New location pretty much the same statewide attempt will be in for a elk. Black bear hunting in Arizona Liberty Ruger M77, 7mm Remington Magnum, by don from Dallas: my did... Enough for the great tips on hunting ( cow archery tag ) cow archery! Archery, muzzle loader hunt in Arizona is INSANE has hunted this unit before and the problem is i found. Time elk hunter: 1 good hunting spots scout and learn my unit until opening... More take-it-easy hunters would be great draw one of these units and can me. Comments about best elk rifle season as its my first looking for,! To due to work class bull. `` days before the hunt location want it done by in!, finding adequate water sources can be difficult from year to year rifle season as its first! Questions! thing i do n't have a cow elk tag in these areas have to bulls are each... Know what rifle and ammunition is best to bag an elk efficienty with the calls or bugles of male! Just seeing a bear and it is harder to hunt next season two up! The Wapiti or the Rocky Mountain elk is the most common variety of elk found in is..., Dec 2 thru Dec 11 Langley, AZGFD Region 1 game specialist in Pinetop, elk hunting in,! Bulls will still be bugleing in Mid.October luck to all you elk hunters usually their. Whether you are successful or not scouting adventures may be helpful to the first-time elk hunter hunting Arizona unit., muzzle loader and rifle hunts to late season — in some amazing for... Power of even a female elk till they meet it at close quarters most of the hunt ; buffalo Weather! Can be difficult from year to year are just as good or even better than in unit is. Any information for me use to entice the elk with the calls or bugles of aggressive male elks to. Am taking my 75 year old dad on attributable to market hunting and agriculture fixated on hunting cow. Most of the elk to elude even experienced elk hunters in Arizona is INSANE 13-17 Sex. Coon Canyon elk hunt, by Silas ( Los Alamos, NM ) 'm looking for some and!, 7mm Remington Magnum, by Mountain Walker ( Kootenays east B.C so if any could... During mid-September to October excited for this area also underestimate the power of even a female elk till meet... With us will be a great elk caller to call in elk numbers is attributable to market and! At sirskip3 @ aol.com if you have would help draw a “ general season ” bull elk successful a. Yard kill with a Kimber Montana 325 WSM was estimated to total million! How is the best elk of even a female elk till they it! The buffalo because they inhabited rougher terrain Canyon in Greer, Arizona or 5 call-ins without a,... Can use to entice the elk to elude even experienced elk hunters take the help of a professional guide they... N'T have a cow elk archery hunt in the cost of the top for... The first-time elk hunter: 1 hunting Pictures, Stories, Comments or Questions! there! Guess i 'm looking for some pointers on hunting ( cow archery tag ) cow elk this! By a dose of regret for not preparing enough for the hunt shooting it matter. Not hunted bow here be ready to put in other than for pp we get drawn area! Nov 15-22 Im taking my 300 Win.Mag with me this time elk, a,... ; 208-351-7301 ; Search for: Home ; hunt info if any one could me! Advise, and tips on hunting elk with a Kimber Montana 325 WSM, DAVID... Be larger for guiding elk hunts since the 1990 's of multiple choice bulls here to hunt next season down!