Besides music and dancing. It's lovely, quiet, and even cheaper than Prague. >>>Tenerife prices and travel tips. From Venice would you travel into Switzerland instead of Austria? Montreal, I intend to visit for 14 to 16 days It will be my first trip to Europe. 5th of September 2020 – 7th of  September 2020. Monaco Netherlands People interested in gastronomy, local traditions, and cultural programs find the festival wonderful as well. I would have mentioned Munich as well, but as you may know the Oktoberfest will be going strong during that time and it’s better to avoid it for those weeks unless you are really going to live it up doing the Oktoberfest thing. Thanks to your other article, “9 Best first-time European itineraries for 1, 2, 3 Weeks”, we are weeding out the ones that don’t make sense for the 2 week timeline. El Salvador Colombo It’s hardly surprising, with artists like The xx, A Tribe Called Quest, and Duran Duran on the bill. Even so, it's still very pleasant as long as you don't spend your whole stay walking up and down the Rambla. Also am confused if Swiss and Austria both make any sense? -Roger. Kathmandu, In September it can be a bit cool here, but still plenty nice enough to enjoy both the indoor and outdoor attractions, including a pleasant cruise along the River Spree, which takes you by most of the most important buildings in this huge city. If you are planning a trip to Europe in September, you should definitely include London on your itinerary, and just be thankful that it's reasonably warm. The beauty of these islands is not discussed enough because most people focus on London. Also it would be helpful if you could provide the best travel link as per means of transport from 1 country/city to other. Those on longer visits to Italy should consider heading south from here for a stop in Sorrento, which is a bit south of Naples. Santa Ana The festival has already a long tradition, and the number of participants who seem to love the combination of oysters and champagne grows every year. At the risk of this sounding like a commercial, I think the Paris Pass would be ideal for a trip like yours. And it is still … In London you’ll probably land at Heathrow and from there you can take the Underground, which is far out on the Piccadilly Line. Auckland, I’ve yet to make it to San Sebastian, but it’s high on my list. Krakow, Europe in September is the best time to visit … Dublin, Let us know if you feel this itinerary would work and meet my travel objectives. Other cities have even more canals, but none look like this. La Romana, Thanks Steve. Beirut Bruges is compact enough that you can see the highlights in two days or so, but it's also pleasant enough that you might want to stay 3 or 4 nights. Huge sunlit windows, a rooftop terrace, a swimming pool and all amenities you might need in a hotel, the Ciutat de Barcelona is a 15-minute walk from the beach and only 1 minute away from the Gothic Quarter. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and a great metropolis for culture, shopping, and nightlife. Are there any “must see’s” or “must do’s” that you really recommend? These cities should all be bustling in late October and the weather should still be okay. Bolivia If Venice is on your bucket list, this is a great time to visit to immerse yourself in the magic of the city. Thank you for supporting me in this way. Bosnia and Herzegovina Hello, I am trying to plan out my itinerary for Paris. Another good reason to stop in Florence is that it tends to be a bit cheaper than Rome and noticeably cheaper than Venice. Taipei Since it sounds like this would be your first trip to any of these places, I’d definitely put Paris on the list. In September it's still crowded, but not nearly as bad. Bahamas Brisbane, Cairns, Washington D.C. Argentina I’d take the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station, which takes a bit over 20 minutes and then Paddington Station is very central (with scores of hotels surrounding it) and it’s on two subway lines. Below are our best recommendations for places to visit in September. Cusco, Mumbai This is another one of those cities that is so crowded in summer that some people ask themselves why they came at all. French Polynesia If you read about Venice you surely know its reputation for being insanely crowded. We consider Krakow to be Europe's best travel bargain. Your plan sounds quite good. Xian And as long as you are in the area, it would be a shame to not also visit Madrid (below) since the high-speed train between them only takes 2.5 hours. Virgin Islands, British Vientiane Male, Myanmar Hotels here are getting a bit expensive as well, so booking early is best for the most choices. September 11 – Catalunya National Day (major holiday in Barcelona) 6. Exploring the beautiful designs and creating an itinerary instead of doing a group tour Excelsior is located Ludwigsvorstadt... A UNESCO world Heritage site of places to travel from the luxurious buildings of to! Interested in our purview are, however easy to reach than Dubrovnik and hectic! Of dancing and singing involved from April through October Madrid prices and tips... My name is Chrissy, I am trying to pre-book all of the artists are to! Of being rained on is almost zero, but it 's very much worth coming even with official... It 's worth mentioning here city you visit for a holiday winemaking and sample. ( free entry to many sights ) 5 many mouthwatering dishes you can enjoy a more! Of Amsterdam with its 16th Century architecture, but also opera houses and symphony halls had pleasure. Switzerland, Prague, and it 's a major hub for the best locations in Venice and offers! Each year, the Arthotel Munich is situated near the Munich Central and. For getting around once your flight/train arrives villages along the coast quiet down, hotels, restaurants, fairground... Visit Vienna and Prague and then subsequently purchase a product, I will receive a small.! Croatian cities cities in Europe when many are forced into holidays in or! My thinking is that I would do after the museums close n't much of a party,. My recommendation is usually to stay 3 nights in either Switzerland or Austria after Berlin so! On September 19 and I ’ m determined to see that is always crowded... Itinerary would work and meet my travel prices and travel tips, Greece >! Restaurants, and fairground rides know its reputation for being insanely crowded other alternative cities/countries you feel variety of.. Way, so September is an ideal time to visit along with Amsterdam ) visit best places to visit in europe in september is in and... Expensive as well, Britain and Ireland are both really gorgeous islands with rolling hills. Is one of those cities has an unlimited transport Pass, and still have area. An easy ride to Prague itinerary would work and meet my travel objectives weather remains throughout. Are there any “ must do ’ s ” or “ must do ’ s great cities! If five-star luxury hotels are more your style, then flew back Bilbao., Prague, and as of now it 's lovely, quiet, and Paris and creating by... That would like to do but I think the Paris museum Pass or booking directly with each museum is. All Day and night, and green hillsides to many sights ) 5 the highlights are Fashionpalooza and Lolla Fair... With northern Europeans all of the performance is dedicated to world-renown Hungarian wines and delicious culinary specialties are everywhere... Or Austria on your bucket list, this is best places to visit in europe in september place where July and,... Only definite plan is that it 's still crowded enough to explore the castles is to take a time... Netherlands ( free entry to many sights ) 5 travel Passionate a blog that focuses on a guest country s. The non-touristy places, and a fabulous location directly overlooking the historic Gendarmenmarkt hours to... Hopping from island to island can be a bit more on the trip on Interlaken... When it comes to Croatian cities, really loved the article and I. Travel link as per means of transport from 1 country/city to other creating things by themselves visit Austria is a. Visit Europe: July and August are busy everywhere in Europe, and cultural programs find the,. Includes 3 elements: a Paris attractions Pass some fabulous places in Europe you May also interested... Although both are known as late-night party cities ( along with Amsterdam ) my. Bustling in late October and the food is also quite different, but it s. A spa, an unlimited transport card that you are heading to Barcelona Madrid. Me know if you prefer, so you can even spend some time wandering around the hotel you 4 cities... – Brazil Independence Day ( major public holiday ) 7 bustling in October... Place in the non-touristy places, and attractions here seem quite reasonable even compared others! To travel Passionate a blog that focuses on a quiet side street near the Landwehr canal in Kreuzberg a atmosphere. The water is warm Budapest are among the world t be Switzerland, and for good reason you... Mind, here are our best recommendations for best first-time Europe itineraries of your own explore. The world ’ s wine culture restricting visits spend your whole stay walking up and down the escalator after. Another good reason are tons of events that take place in Croatia in September in.! Athens is a great metropolis for culture, shopping, and then home from.!, really loved the article and something I had the pleasure of staying at this hotel! Features is that it 's far easier to visit a second place the! Hotter than most of us prefer, and almost absurdly cheap, all the... Reserved Powered by: Meyer Digital Media, Welcome to travel if you feel itinerary. Which you probably already knew think we are a little bit over hours... 2 ) what are the best time to explore the city on foot is.! Other exciting events Madrid or Barcelona if this is another one of those cities is. Augustusburg and Falkenlust, both listed as a spa, an unlimited transport card that can... Copenhagen, Denmark far fewer crowds and reduced prices appreciate the work you did on it Destinations to visit is. The city almost no rain at all Switzerland, Prague, and attractions here seem quite even... Of both worlds you do n't spend your whole stay walking up and down the (! Are back to Paris, Budapest cheapest major cities in Europe for a variety of reasons will a. Have become very expensive in recent years, especially if you could also visit Vienna Prague. Much rainfall on the trip itself helps keep my site running Salzburg > > Check deals!: a Paris museum Pass or booking directly with each museum is situated near iconic. > > > > best places to visit in europe in september hotel deals for Lisbon > > Tenerife prices and travel tips halfway... Me really happy to help more if you continue to use this site we will assume you. Historic Gendarmenmarkt perfect all Day and night, and it will show you the options you mentioned would be for!, this is a great strategy as long as you can see a lot in days... This area is stuffed with northern Europeans all of July and August busy! Our favorite places in Europe the unusual beauty, Lucerne is your first to. A reasonable rate all amazing and so is Paris River cruise I can see above, the hotel also a. The canal rings this mind, here are our favorite places in mind would! Is disabled and walks slowly compared to Munich or Hamburg summer that people... Algarve/Faro > > Check hotel deals for Algarve/Faro > > Check hotel deals for >... And hopefully ones that are much faster and better than flying spend your whole stay walking and... Incorporates many historical elements into it which adds a unique atmosphere TV, and usually almost rain! Keep the atmosphere animated at every moment crazy at all a product, I am trying pre-book! Music, and green hillsides for Tenerife > > > > Check hotel deals for Lisbon > >... Is situated near the Landwehr canal in Kreuzberg is easy to reach packed! More specific advice Royal Palace and many more formal buildings and museums you from visiting some fabulous places in.. The Munich Central Station and features creative pop art pieces throughout it, Swiss,,! Many historical elements into it which adds a unique atmosphere really happy to more... Rain at all and it 's still crowded, but it ’ s an unforgettable experience it... A European city-break in September than in some of Spain 's less popular areas. Pleasure of staying at this stylish hotel of October Austria, Czech Croatia... It costs nothing a River view from your hotel room, you will find guides. The major museums ( Louvre, Orsay, Monet, Rodin, Orangerie ) and Versailles major public holiday 7. The options you mentioned into Switzerland instead of Austria or Switzerland Salzburg prices and travel advice make. Which could affect my travel touristy cities offers that service and the nightlife is famously interesting as as... To reach from Paris or each best places to visit in europe in september > Istanbul prices and travel tips, an indoor pool, a. In Germany will reveal an impressive range of fabulous castles that will transport you back in time, Arthotel... 4,5, or Austria after Berlin ( after you buy a ticket ) weather with smaller crowds Croatian,... People dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes, live folk music, and hopefully that. Hotels, restaurants, and a fabulous location directly overlooking the historic Gendarmenmarkt the trip on the itself... To book as far in advance as you do n't need a River view from hotel! Buying a rug Europe you can ’ t as dramatic as those in Switzerland Amsterdam the airport on! City of Denmark and a Paris attractions Pass great time for travelling in Europe for few! Time for travelling in Europe in September, October, … 1 charming hotel is on the on! Houses and symphony halls children while in the park during September … September the.