If bare patches do not fill in quickly, weeds may set in. Watering in the evening leaves the grass wet for longer, increasing the risk of disease. You will not receive a reply. A few weeds or insect pests in healthy lawns is usually not cause for concern. Most of the best weed killers on this list are post … This allows a better flow of water, air, and vital nutrients to the plant roots, making it easier for them to grow. The latest addition to their product line is the Canada Green Grass … Overseed to crowd out the weed for the following season. Scratched it in lightly with a metal rake. Your package will arrive in a … We currently have 15 Dealer locations across Canada, including … For places where it is hard to grow a lawn, try plants more adapted to the area. Plants can be injured by poor growing conditions, poor maintenance, road salt, or dog urine. GRASS Canada is a proud member of the international GRASS Group with a 20 year history in the Canadian market. Apply at least 2.5 cm (1 inch) of water. It germinates from seed in late spring once soil temperatures have reached 50 F (10C). Preventing problems is the best way to maintain a healthy lawn: Check your lawn regularly, so that you can find pests and other problems early. Organic fertilizers release more nutrients as the temperature and moisture levels increase, so you shouldn't fertilize when conditions are likely to be hot or dry, usually from mid-June to early August. solid-tined machine that drives spikes into the ground, core machine that removes small plugs of thatch and soil. Tracking information is given IMMEDIATELY when your order is shipped. See Understanding your lawn's lifecycle for more information. But "cosmetic" pesticide use is now restricted and even banned in many communities across Canada. Put a tuna or pet food can on your lawn to measure how much you've watered. Lawns and More Inc. is a family owned, award winning company, and also a proud, professional member of Landscape Ontario. For enquiries, contact us. Birds and predatory insects (like nematodes) feed on grubs and other pests. Ants are unsightly and a nuisance when found inside a home. Changing a landscape to make it suitable for a different incoming culture is a key part of colonization, he says, and that is exactly how lawns in Canada and the United States came to be. Developed in Canada where temperature ranges from 40 degrees below to 100 degrees. Avoid lawn care programs that apply pesticides even when pests are not present. Creeping Charlie. Stop watering when the can is full. Follow all instructions on the product label. 3. Remove excess thatch with a heavy rake or de-thatching equipment. Depending on the type of grass, fast-growing lawns will fill in areas that have been thinned by insects or other types of damage. Drought, disease, insects and weeds can leave your lawn looking thin and patchy. The best types of grasses to grow in Canada are cool-season grasses because our summers are short and our winters are cold – and usually snowy. Too much thatch can also harbour harmful insects and diseases. Summer has come and gone, and chances are, it has taken its toll on your lawn. See, correcting drainage or fertility problems. Unwanted weeds such as lawn grasses, broadleaf weeds and brush creep up on hard surfaces. Compost is a great fertilizer that supplies your lawn with nutrients needed for plant growth. See Dealing with lawn problems for more information. Pesky voles destroying Calgary lawns as they invade idyllic neighbourhoods. Overseeding is best done in late summer to early fall. Scroll through the pictures - or click on a link in the table below - to find the weed you are looking for. Voted Consumers Choice Best Lawn Care Company past 5 years | No Risk Guarantee. You can check out the Manitoba Eco-Network's free workshop on clover lawns on Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Spirit Park, 200 Young St. CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices | About CBC News It starts with choosing the best type of grass. For more help, check out these facts sheets, written to help you grow and maintain a healthy lawn: Whether you hire a professional or care for your lawn by yourself, having a healthy lawn and reducing your need to use pesticides requires making decisions. Find out what programs and prices companies in your area offer, and what results you can expect. 17 million gallons of gas is spilled annually while refueling mowers). According to Environment Canada, more than half of residential water use in the summer goes to lawn watering or “landscape irrigation,” and much of that water gets lost to evaporation or run-off. Find information & products, such as weed killer, that kill weeds, grass, poison ivy & tough brush. For example, a 21-7-7 formulation contains 21% nitrogen (N) and 7% of each of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Most healthy lawns recover from damage. Mix it into the soil before seeding or laying sod, or spread it in a thin layer raked over your existing lawn. Where: Lawns, gardens, ditches, and fields. A lower rate is generally used in spring and early summer than in early and late fall. Apply topsoil first, then seed over top and press or rake seed into the soil. Grow a healthy lawn by properly fertilizing, liming, aerating, mowing, topdressing, overseeding, and watering. It is best to aerate in late summer, then topdress and/or overseed. Find out how to care for your lawn as easily as possible, while reducing the need for pesticides! Outdoor nesting habits can damage lawns and gardens, as well. Handgun registration became law in 1934, and automatic firearms registration was added in 1951. It may take a season or two of improving your lawn care practices to get the results you want. Starting a lawn from seed is a snap, especially on an area that is relatively flat. However, many experts recommend a lighter feeding in spring and a heavier one in late fall for cool-season grasses. Weeds like prostrate knotweed and clover are present. This will tell you more specifically what type of fertilizer you will need and how much to use. Mushrooms are fungi, or rather, the reproductive part of fungi that live in the soil. Step on it or roll it to ensure good contact with the soil. There are two types of mechanical aerators: Sandals or shoes with 6 cm (2 ½ inch) spikes can be used for small lawns. Scotts Halts Crabgrass & Grassy Weed Preventer. The biggest task is preparing the site and making sure the soil is of good … Cut out the dead or damaged area to about 2 cm deep. In Canada, it was bowling that played an early pro-lawn role. A little effort now will save you a lot of effort later, because healthy lawns are less vulnerable to pests, weeds, drought, and other problems. The first step, he says, for a sound weed defense program is regular feeding of the lawn. Do not roll your lawn in spring, because this may increase compaction problems. Watering in the morning reduces water lost from evaporation and wind. The GRASS … Watering Most lawns need about 1” to 1‑1/2" of water per week. Artificial Grass in Canada for Lawns, Putting Greens, Sports, Pets & Dogs Perfect Turf is the leading artificial grass brand in Canada. During the summer it develops into a ground-hugging weed that spreads over the surrounding grass. Too much watering can lead to poor growing conditions and disease problems. Grubs thrive in moist conditions, so don’t overwater your lawn while treating your infestation. The company has a long story from the origin of a Canadian family-owned … A green and healthy lawn is easy to achieve with a bit of work. Perfect Turf is the leading artificial grass brand in Canada. Check your lawn often to detect pests or other problems early. A few species such as pharaoh ants have been implicated in disease transmission, especially in hospital and long-term care facilities. Preen Garden Weed Preventer. When is a good time to be fertilizing your lawn? Can I tolerate a certain amount of weeds or other pests? Knowing about the pest and its life cycle will help you decide if and when to take action, and how to prevent further problems. Cree, Blackfeet, Mi'kmaq and numerous other First Nations; Inuit; … Plant damage may not be caused by pests. The best time to seed your lawn is in the early fall, when the evening temperatures are lower and the morning dew is heavier, sometime between mid-August to late-September. This does not, however, apply to soil types containing clay. It is not as effective, where lawns are thick and dense with little opportunity to achieve the good seed to soil contact necessary for the grass seeds to germinate and grow next spring. Crabgrass is a warm season annual weed that invades lawns that are thin, weak and undernourished. In a healthy lawn, insects, earthworms, beneficial fungi, and other microorganisms break down thatch and aerate the soil. Artificial grass has numerous benefits such as lessening water wastage and removing the need for toxic lawn care treatments. We currently have 15 Dealer locations across Canada, including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Okanagan, Quebec and Regina.Our design and installation, and North American synthetic turf products are second to none! We've found and put on this page the company Canada Lawns info, which is located in the Sudbury, region Ontario. Media in category "Lawns in Canada" The following 85 files are in this category, out of 85 total. A tidy lawn with no weeds in sight is fast becoming antiquated. Fall is the time to start putting your lawn to bed for the winter. New grass … Unsure on the Best Weed killer for Lawns to buy? ... since Chafer beetles prefer laying eggs on closely cropped lawns. Under wet spring conditions, remove thick layers of clippings (over 0.5 cm thick) to avoid smothering your grass. "Please Walk on the Grass" (2533257086).jpg 3,264 × 2,448; 6.06 MB Thatch that is more than 1 cm (½ inch) thick can prevent water, air, and nutrients from getting to the roots. BC Instant lawns supplies and installs everything you need for a great new lawn in British Columbia. The game also got off to a promising start in what became the U.S. (bowling greens were cultivated in Virginia and in Boston before 1650), but after the Revolutionary War the new young country tossed the baby with the bathwater, spurning bowls as it … The grubs, right on cue, seem to be taking over the world of lush green lawns, almost like they know something is up. This shallow - rooted weed is found throughout the Canada Clover also performs well in nitrogen - depleted soil, so consider applying a fertilizer application to help keep it from coming back. The least expensive way to start a lawn is by seed. Cool-season grasses grow actively in spring and fall, slow down in summer, and go dormant in the winter. Growing and maintaining a lush green lawn in Canada can be a challenge. In 1969, laws classified firearms as "non-restricted", "restricted" and "prohibited". It is best employed when wanting to reseed bare soil areas or help thicken up thin lawns. How can I prevent weed and pest problems? Clover is a perennial weed that grows easily in moist areas. The best types of grasses to grow in Canada are cool-season grasses because our … Consider the soil type and surface features. Lawn clippings compost, slowly releasing nitrogen for the grass. If you use a pesticide on your lawn, read the label to make sure you are choosing the right product for the right insect or weed. What: A perennial, evergreen creeper, Creeping Charlie is a very difficult weed to control. Feeding regularly will keep your lawn lush and make it less hospitable to enterprising weeds. We are Niagara ‘s premier full service company, providing professional landscape design and landscape installation , lawn and garden maintenance , and … Nitrogen needs to be applied each year. And eco … Some may include services marketed as organic or pesticide-free. Place a small pet food or tuna can on the lawn to help you measure how much water has been applied. Grass growing … Where: Loves shady, moist areas. Common grass varieties like Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescues will turn green again when regular moisture conditions return. Be sure to include a mix of many different plants and grasses in your lawn. Canada Thistle (Cirsium arvense) Canada thistle is an aggressive, creeping perennial weed from Eurasia (despite its name). But for those who prefer chemical fertilizers, the Scotts Miracle-Grow Company provides a widely accepted schedule for fertilizing lawns. Last year in Ontario we had the warmest mid-March on record, and I saw many people out fertilizing their lawns...which, for me at least, brings up the issue of timing. Therefore, it has been gaining popularity in Canada in recent years. See Use pesticides safely for more safety tips. Insects, earthworms, beneficial fungi, and other micro-organisms break down thatch and aerate the soil. A late-summer lawn attracts bare feet, backyard barbecues and scarab beetles. How to treat: Begin by hand weeding, then apply Fiesta and Weed-B-Gone. So hardy, it even stays green through foot traffic, drought, heat, freezing cold, … Regular, fairly deep watering is better than daily light sprinklings. It will also show if the pH of your soil is right for growing grass. This pre-emergent, selective weed killer offers residual effects, with … Stop watering when it's full. Apply at least 2.5 cm (1 inch) of water. Follow all label directions and warnings carefully. Lawns can be fertilized organically by using compost and mulching mowers. The Lawn Care Sector Group of Landscape Ontario recommends using a phosphorus-free fertilizer on established turf. We put this company in the category Lawn according to its activity. Effective lawn care & weed control service for over 28 years in the Greater Toronto Area. That task is known as dormant seeding. And when you do have to use pesticides, there are ways to use them safely. Once your order is placed, your shipment is sent at the end of that business day via Canada Post. And they’re total water guzzlers — most lawns require about 1.5 inches of water per week just to survive! potassium (K), which is essential for stress resistance. Applied some top soil and sprinkled the Canada Green Grass seed over top. Here are some tips for getting your lawn back into shape, preparing it for survival during the winter and a quick green-up in the spring. Pest problems that keep coming back are often a sign that your lawn care practices need to change. See Plant diversity for more information. The good news is that the brand is rapidly emerging and getting trendy. Proper lawn care techniques, done at the right time, can make your lawn greener than it's ever been! Deep watering and allowing the lawn to dry out between watering will force … Grass growing near large trees may need to be watered more often, because the tree roots absorb much of the soil's water. The game also got off to a promising start in what became the U.S. (bowling greens were cultivated in Virginia and in Boston before 1650), but after … Always look for a Pest Control Products (PCP) number on the label so you know the product has been approved by Health Canada. Fertilizers with a slow-release form of nitrogen are better because they release nutrients uniformly, and there is less risk that excess fertilizer will leach away from the root zone. Watered with a sprinkler. Water only when your lawn needs it, usually no more than once a week when there is no rainfall. How often and how much you should fertilize depends on the type of soil, the type of grass, and site and weather conditions. A well-fed lawn, every 8 weeks, will build thick turf with deep roots making it harder for weeds to invade and flourish. With the lure of convenience and the assurance of clever marketing, consumers are misled into using weed-and-feed products, which is not the best practice for efficient lawn … Too much water starves the soil of oxygen and invites disease. To begin with, let’s establish that the purpose of fertilizer is … Lawn Products is Canada's ultimate online destination for pesticides and herbicides such as 2,4-D based Killex & WeedOut; grub treatments: GrubOut, SEVIN T&O. Fear not! Grass recovers more quickly and easily from a clean cut than when it's torn. Since herbicides came off the market in Ontario in 2009, many homeowners puzzle over the right strategy to keep their lawns healthy. All the turf management tools you need follow below. Firearms regulation in Canada is largely about licensing and registration of firearms, including air guns with a muzzle velocity of more than 500 ft/s or 150 m/s and muzzle energy greater than 4.2 ft⋅lb or 5.7 J. Discover ways to kill existing weeds & prevent new weeds from Roundup.com. Grass this height helps the soil to retain its moisture better. Spreads very quickly. Grass cut at a height of 6 to 8 cm (2 ½ to 3 inches) will develop a deep, extensive root system and grow thicker. These changes can include: For help in dealing with common problems like weeds, pests, and diseases, see Dealing with lawn problems. Step two involves controlling any weeds that do manage to take root, without damaging the lawn. It infests crops, pastures, and non-crop areas like ditch banks and roadside. The initials (F&M) appear after the many illustrations taken from Clarence Frankton & Gerald A. Mulligan, 1970, Weeds of Canada, Agriculture Canada Publication 948, Ottawa, Ontario, 217 pages. Commercial fertilizers usually contain three major nutrients: The three numbers on the packaging show the proportions of these nutrients. Make sure to identify lawn problems correctly, then decide whether action is needed. You can keep mushrooms from appearing so often by changing the conditions in your yard. Updated: December 2020. Roundup Grass and Weed Control kills weeds and brush, like quackgrass, chickweed, ragweed, knotweed, poison ivy, Canada thistle, milkweed and bindweed, down to the root. Combination products containing a herbicide and a fertilizer (weed and feed type) should only be used if your lawn has a widespread weed problem. Scarab beetles, which include June bugs, Japanese beetles, and chafer beetles, move into Ontario yards in summer and are responsible for the white grubs that lurk under lawns, destroying tender roots as they feed. Excessive watering, over fertilizing with nitrogen, and heavy use of insecticides and fungicides may decrease the number of soil organisms needed to keep thatch levels down. Have your soil analyzed every few years by a professional lab. Put a tuna or pet food can on your lawn to measure how much you've watered. Spreading grass seed on your lawn regularly will ensure that it remains dense. The best way to protect these beneficial animals and insects is to only use insecticides and fungicides when absolutely needed. Canada was founded on the original territories of over 900 different Indigenous groups, each using different Indigenous legal traditions. Fall 2020 Promo: GET YOUR SMART LAWN PLAN Pictures of Lawn Weeds. Sharpen your mower blade in the spring and keep it sharp. It may be harder to see insect damage in a dormant lawn. Artificial Grass in Canada for Lawns, Putting Greens, Sports, Pets & Dogs. Make sure to rake to loosen soil, add a lawn soil, then evenly distribute seed. Left for vacation for 8 days. Canada 'They’re everywhere!' A lawn is an area of soil-covered land planted with grasses and other durable plants such as clover which are maintained at a short height with a lawnmower and used for aesthetic and recreational … Thatch is a tough mixture of dead grass and roots that gathers above the soil surface. Standard grass lawns are extremely tough on the environment. Using the proper type of grass seed is very important for lawns in shady areas. Ask yourself: Be practical about how you want your lawn to look. However, there is an upfront cost that many aren’t aware of when it comes to purchasing artificial grass. If a few weeds appear, pull them by hand. Saves you work by crowding out weeds. If you don't want to do it yourself, there are many companies that maintain lawns and control pests. The Dormant Seeding Process Our Toronto facility serves all distribution partners and manufacturers using GRASS products in Canada. A diverse landscape is better for the environment and can be easier to maintain, because it prevents pest problems from spreading to the whole lawn. It is important to protect birds, beneficial insects, earthworms, and other organisms that play an important role in keeping your lawn healthy. Phosphorus and potassium are … To share feedback or ask a question about this article, send a note to our Reviews team at reviews@thisoldhousereviews.com. greenwayslandscaping.ca/8-most-common-weeds-infesting-your-lawn Topdressing with compost or topsoil can be done at the same time. Upon return we had a yard full of new grass… Simple Lawn Solution has built a brand name of home lawns and gardens for 27 years. You will find the perfect product for you in our review guide. … Use correct fertilizing, aerating, mowing, top dressing, overseeding, and watering practices, as described above. In extended hot, dry periods, a lawn may wilt, turn brown, and become dormant. Read the instructions on the package carefully before purchasing. Aerating involves making holes in your lawn either by pushing a rod into it or by extracting a plug of soil. 10 Neat Things: Lawns in Fall September 25, 2019 February 19, 2020 Canada's Local Gardener Magazine 453 Views 10 Neat Things , lawns in fall , what to do to your lawn during fall 1.