Ultimate tier lists and tier list templates. Complete one of the following: 1. Look, man, Young Link isn't that hard to edgeguard with Wolf. [–]Zelda (Ultimate)LoafOfDead 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child). Yoshi - I'd move "slight disadvantage" to "disadvantage" and "even or slight disadvantage" to "slight disadvantage." Version 4 is out: Version 3 of my Matchup Chart Compilation is here, featuring various notable players. Thanks, doesn't seem to be a Smash Wiki page for that player nor many YouTube sets, so at this point in time I won't add this to the list. They just gave him super armor on every attack that would traditionally be bad. Snorlax is a huge, bipedal, dark blue-green Pokémon with a cream-colored face, belly, and feet. Other than that, surprised Ike, Robin, Dr. Mario and Zelda are as low as they are on this chart. For everything else under the sun, check the King K. Rool Lab Repository. King Dedede, +35 10. Official Villager of the Super Smash Bros. Download Open Heart (Original Mix) by Ital Tek from the album Open Heart. Jw updated Greninja: https://twitter.com/Jw_Smash/status/1188574763511353347, Peli updated his King Dedede MU chart: https://twitter.com/PeliPenguinUK/status/1189935115452997632, BassMage updated Jigglypuff: https://twitter.com/BassyofSassy/status/1190760148479823873, ZAKI Dedede: https://twitter.com/ZAKI_DDD/status/1191707401071689728, Ron Mario: https://twitter.com/ron_yt0510/status/1192063078520614913, Samus/Dark Samus from Afro Smash: https://twitter.com/TheAfroSmash/status/1192047157362208768, Link T MU chart: https://twitter.com/T330ssbu/status/1192137888009338880, Leon Bowser: https://twitter.com/DLeon420/status/1192510271841026048, Kuro ZSS: https://twitter.com/_kuro258/status/1192480840330006529, Pandarian Pokémon Trainer: https://twitter.com/Pandarianssb/status/1192607199068995584, RFang Pichu: https://twitter.com/RFang_SC/status/1192712731012546562, Maister G&W: https://twitter.com/Maister_SSB/status/1194065351803392001, Homika, probably the best Rosalina player in Europe, made a MU chart: https://twitter.com/Homika_FR/status/1194396731649212416, We got our first Terry MU chart, from Locus: https://twitter.com/LocusSK/status/1194722344855572480, Dabuz Palutena: https://twitter.com/DabuzSenpai/status/1194431052175040512, Zan Young Link update: https://twitter.com/Zan004/status/1195121379500122113. I suppose that could be of interest to people, some of the "sages" would have their individual charts listed, I suppose, so it still fits "Notable players". He has an even matchup with Captain Falcon and King K. Rool. Mr_Yooj 1 year ago #3. Another weakness is that he sometimes struggles to kill. Every SSBU matchup chart is a source of valuable information - players can understand where their character is especially strong and where they potentially may have problems. https://twitter.com/PG_ESAM/status/1210373451543928833/photo/1, [–]SylianEUW[S] 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child). At the start I used to say Greninja is at the bottom of top 10 and I could still see him there, but tbh I'm not sure if I could defend my position if I'll start listing Peach, Joker, Pika, Snake, Wario, Palutena and maybe Wolf, Inkling and Fox I would see above, but then there's still characters like Olimar, ZSS, PT, Lucina (as a biased Greninja I never thought she was top 10), Shulk or Chroy that would like a word in the discussion. EddyMexico with a disgusting combo in Grand Finals of LEVO, I wish DLC Fighters brought along a new item and Assist Trophy. [–]Known as PureFire22 on other platformsSwagGuy99 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (2 children). No, I just forgot to add it, added it now. Have King K. Rool join the player's party in World of Light.With the exception of the third method, King K. Rool must then be defeated on Jungle Japes. Dragonite (who seems to go by Luis now) had a semi-notable set against Cosmos in Smash 4 at Low Tier City 6, where Cosmos won 3-1, with two of the games being closed (the one he won and one that he almost won). He has 16 losing matchups, having near unwinnable matchups against Mewtwo, Metal Man, and Bandit. Wrath Sonic MU chart: https://twitter.com/WrathFGC/status/1178395682392158208, Two MU charts from Stocktaker 69, one for Wolf and one for Villager (note: At the time Terry wasn't released): https://twitter.com/Stocktaker69/status/1178654267302928384, Mr. R Snake MU chart: https://twitter.com/Mr_RSmash/status/1178812256022228992, MuteAce doesn't not have much faith in Peach, does he? REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 6657 on r2-app-009e36661b2368ca5 at 2021-01-24 08:44:14.731271+00:00 running 8391612 country code: PL. ESAM made a new one. 17 frame animation of catching the crown. One of the best Ganondorf players in Canada, potentially in the world. Rendered by PID 6657 on r2-app-009e36661b2368ca5 at 2021-01-24 08:44:14.731271+00:00 running 8391612 country code: PL. Sonic Alt Tier List (SSBU) King K. Rool alternate costumes. It confuses me a lot, I've thought Greninja has top 10 potential for a long time now. This means we can retired two outdated MU charts that only remained because I wanted at least one MU chart for every character: Blank: https://twitter.com/BlankSmash/status/1107467446154350592, Rivers (Shojo James): https://twitter.com/ShoyoJames/status/1102329059655196673, If you want to view more outdated MU charts, you can always check out version 1 of my MU chart compilation: https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/bef485/matchup_chart_compilation/, [–]Female Pokemon Trainer (Ultimate)Pronflex 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child), The link above for Lancelot's Chrom chart is incorrect. Donkey Kong vs King K. Rool. K rool is my favorite fire emblem unit. Hey, it's me, the Smash Piano Guy and I FINALLY got a version of "One Winged Angel" (Sephiroth Theme) and of course a matching shirt. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/550106563?t=1h48m22s, VoiD Sheik MU Chart: Maybe he's lacking a strong player to represent him, maybe he's too hard to just pick up or maybe he's lacking something compared to other top tiers. There's few notable Mii Brawler players though, and this is the only MU chart for this character so it should do for now. You can access it on his Twitch by typing !sheikmu, Riddles Terry: https://twitter.com/Riddlesmk/status/1208781848991719427, Mysterica updated Zelda MU chart: https://twitter.com/Mystearicaa/status/1206269909212250112, Space Inkling: https://twitter.com/SpaceSama/status/1209191744090316807, [–]SMG_Wolf 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child). Wario appears to also have trouble with Lucina/Shulk/Palu. Pokecheese 1322 Mii Swordfighter: https://twitter.com/Pokecheese/status/1187135796052201472. strategy for playing Joker Wild video poker. I haven't seen any MU chart from a notable player yet, if I find one I'll add it. Months after this chart, we’ve received multiple DLC characters and even balance adjustments for King K. Rool, Incineroar, Ryu, Ken, and more. Match avg. This is the 7th time you've shown arcfire arcfire upair in class. Your vote — How you voted this match. King K Rool vs Blackbeard (Nintendo vs One Piece) Connections: Both are Villainous pirates who's enemy involves primates Why I want this: Back then the most popular matchup for K Rool was DeDeDe, then Wario vs Dedede happened so came Ridley vs k Rool and then came REDACTED for Ridley and Blackbeard for K Rool… Super Smash Bros Rivals is the 5th entry in the Super Smash Bros series. Thanks for reading. Zenkai updated Mewtwo MU chart: https://twitter.com/ZenkaiM2/status/1209312550455783425, [–]SylianEUW[S] 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago* (0 children), Epic_Gabriel ROB: https://twitter.com/ItsEpic_Gabriel/status/1210249294055378944, Dakpo Diddy: https://twitter.com/TheDakpo/status/1209887829179846656, Raffi-X ROB: https://twitter.com/Raffi_XSmash/status/1210304116884475904, あんか made a Peach/Daisy MU chart together with Kie, one of the best Peach players in Japan: https://twitter.com/anchor04peach/status/1211562824138231809, Greward Piranha Plant: https://twitter.com/Greward3/status/1211641411092799488, Geist Bayonetta and Wario: https://twitter.com/Geist_SSB/status/1209868317936238599, Rango Ike: https://twitter.com/RangoSSB/status/1209546885561769985, BONK! Does he have any notable wins? [–]DAT G-P: Major EU TOGolden-psyco 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (1 child), If you're still keeping this updated, here is the MU charts that the Ike community made. Bowser: same as Wario, Bowser also seems to have trouble vs Palu and Shulk, though at least he seems to work vs Snake and Lucina. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/548966521?t=2h43m53s, Samsora Zelda MU Chart (he said he might revisit this later after he's played her more): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/550477264?t=2h36m34s, https://twitter.com/ZamirMorales/status/1228492977816948736. Each Smash Ultimate Bowser counter has been placed in one of five categories - from the best counters for Bowser and gradually to the worst for him. He doesn't kill as early as a lot of other top tiers (Snake, Inkling, Wario, Joker, etc), his edgeguarding is good but against some characters pretty limited. Falco - 3.6 ... Tot. We'll be sure to update this guide in the coming weeks and months as more matchup information and meta details become available. If you're stuck in shield, you'll probably are going to jump out of it since it's your best option, but if your opponent picks up on that pattern you'll get punished hard. But stagespikes aren't too hard to tech. How to install the Akaneia mod (Wolf and Volleyball) in less than 3 minutes! Here's the correct link https://twitter.com/LancelotSSB/status/1174624914055340032. votes — Total number of votes this match-up has received. K Rool is no exception.:P. 3. Pit can possibly stage spike him. Yeah. At low %, you can follow up with an up-tilt or aerial, which is useful if below a high platform. Autocancels on frame 1-3 and 40 onward. [–]SylianEUW[S] 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (0 children), [–]Weezul69 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (0 children), Just wanted to say thank you for your continuous updates :), [–][deleted] 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (0 children). struggles landing). King K. Rool's Super Smash Bros. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Transitions to Vacuum on frame 50. He's the best Sonic in Florida. Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate tier list with all fighters, including the latest fighter Steve ranked, alongside a list of … Must be facing attacker to activate. 0 4 show all Submit a Counter Tip. Wario - there goes my hopes of secondarying a character that makes intuitive sense to me to cover Yoshi's bad matchups. But he also doesn't automatically win a lot of MUs by default like other top tiers tend to do, he doesn't have anything too broken that could be abused. You seem to know a lot about Greninja, so I'd love to hear what you think, particularly on where you'd put him on a tier list. K Rool can pass under platforms during any stage of this attack. Oops, haha, thanks for pointing it out! Palutena has him for breakfast, and any character with the ability to punish K. Rool’s extremely laggy moves will have a field day. There are no items that can not be stolen by Joker, The Mysterious Thief. Thanks for the detailed response. MkLeo made a Lucina MU chart and a Joker MU chart on stream: https://twitter.com/Mkleosb/status/1194080604872163328. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntEoJqg0ES8, Kola, formerly Salt One, updated his Cloud MU chart: https://twitter.com/Kola_KNA/status/1207737232901230592, Gen Palutena: https://twitter.com/GenFNY/status/1207770024896806913, [–]bustedMeowImAShark 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child), VoiD made a Sheik MU chart but never posted it to Twitter. Tot. [–]Rd>>>>Porpm_your_huge_chode 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child), https://twitter.com/Ravenking_SSB/status/1184235427907158016. Hey there! Its head is large with small, pointed ears and two pointed teeth protruding from its lower jaw. User Info: PollyRoger. https://twitter.com/Lyra_GP/status/1196911565334884352, One contains every opinion, and one contains only opinions from good players so use whichever you want. — The weighted average score of the match-up. See the most recent SSBU tier lists or make your own Smash tier list. submit King K. Rool's Top Matchups. https://twitter.com/UR2SLOW_/status/1186426121564360704, Aikota (NovaPixl) updated Gunner: https://twitter.com/AikotaLove/status/1185269271204712448, [–]King K Rool (Ultimate)Zacmariozero 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child). Fair has too much start-up to be reliable, even if your aim is good, your enemy can react and dair is too risky in a lot of MUs (but it's really good in some MUs!). Without results, it's similar to Shulk, where you talk about potential but can't back up the theory. Fully agree that's a winning matchup for pika. I'm lacking a bit of a golden thread here so I'll try to make it short from here. ~ SmashBurb said this somewhere. Tierlist, tiers, rankings. Thanks! Yet he was not overpowered as he still had an even matchup against Lucas, who was considered upper or mid tier at the time of its publishing. Partial MU chart for Zelda, by Meru: https://twitter.com/MeruSensei/status/1176105873455964161, [–]1520to1490ez 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (0 children), Add MkLeo's Lucina chart? Hope you enjoy it! Counters or reflects on 5-28. K. Rool has one of the best ones. https://twitter.com/AcidaceZero/status/1178859104388997121, Raffi-X ROB MU chart: https://twitter.com/Raffi_XSmash/status/1178865162192916486, Pichu MU chart from Tachyon: https://twitter.com/ssb_TicTach/status/1178895761112801280, [–]Ryzuhfy 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (0 children), https://twitter.com/bonk_mk/status/1179032864622559234?s=21, BONK! If I go offstage with Pikachu there's almost always a situation where I can press a button and will hit an enemy, Pika has a long-lasting Bair that can stage-spike or if turned-around hits the enemy away from the stage, you can drag-down and push away with Fair, you can spike with Dair which is often lethal even if it's a sourspot, but with Gren you can only rely on Bair, which, while it's not bad with the hits coming out on frame 5, 7 and 11, can stage-spike or push someone further out. Elegants MU chart for Luigi has me puzzled. - Gimp him with Blaster If nothing works, you'll get a kill with Fthrow at the ledge at about 150 (depending on rage and character weight earlier or later) and upthrow at ~170-180. He only had two matchups in his favor, against Ridley and Foxy. The last weakness I'd mention is long startup on some of his aerials. Just note that it's for 5.0.0, but the list is still applicable. © 2021 reddit inc. All rights reserved. It's very rare to take a stock before dtilt -> Upsmash starts (so 80+), if you do it's either through an offstage Shadow Sneak read or an edgeguard against someone with an exploitable recovery. Wolf, … S Tier Super Smash Bros. Several formerly losing MUs are now even and several formerly even are now winning, compared to BassMage's previous chart. I’m not 100% sure I agree with Ivysaur being a losing mu, but I also don’t have much experience with Ivysaur, so it’s hard to theory craft. With that being said, here's our first Ganondorf MU chart, from Litany: https://twitter.com/TheGerudoDragon/status/1160717747837444099. 1 Story Mode Walkthrough 2 Roster 2.1 How to Unlock All Characters 3 Stages 3.1 3.2 4 Assist Trophies 5 Pokeball Pokemon 6 Rivals List 7 Events 7.1 Solo Events 8 Voice Actors 9 Character Order in Stats 9.1 Walk Speed: Slowest to Fastest 9.2 Dash … Charge hold is frame 2, Belly armor on frame 8-21. I personally only still struggle with Inkling and Fox, but might have overcome Inkling, too (I used to get upset in those MUs but currently only lose against higher ranked / seeded players). There's no doubt in my mind that he's at least a strong high tier, but it's hard to say if he's a top tier. In this sense, it is generally considered an advantage for a character to be heavy, as less knockback makes it harder to KO a character.
There is 1 game that features Byleth vs Joker in the SSB World database. 2.9 MB . My personal experience is that Greninja won't carry you, but he won't hinder you either. From then on trades will hurt you more than them and you might lose your stock early to a Snake Uptilt, Inkling Roller, Rob Side-B, Wario Ftilt, Fox nair to Upsmash, etc. Directed … https://twitter.com/PinkFreshhh/status/1226252754571710464, B-Rice (8th in Arizona) Isabelle MU Chart: Agreeing with Reservings about the K. Rool matchup, Lucas takes crazy advantage of K. Rool’s size with Up-Air juggles (I can usually land 3-4 U-Airs against K. Rool) and just racks up damage very easily, and if the K Rool is forced offstage his recovery gets easily harassed by PK Thunder or PK Freeze. I understand that he does have various weaknesses, but that could be said for any top tier as well, I think. [–]Steam (Colorado)Valkyrai 4 points5 points6 points 1 year ago (1 child), https://twitter.com/xy_jeda/status/1155167278402539520?s=20, Also I don't see a link for your chart in the op tbh. I don't really like linking videos and streams so I might replace that with an image later. White Kirby was the only character to have a matchup chart made. penalty*), K-Q-Js, K-Q-Ts, K-J-Ts (w/ 1 Flush This is a highlight from my Twitch channel ! Super Smash Bros. With his magic tricks, Joker go around the world, steal the treasure! You don't need to do much. Fixed now. I'm not sure what you mean with "link for your chart in the op". [–]ZSS/Pikabootysensei 3 points4 points5 points 1 year ago (0 children), You keep updating this which is awesome, this should be in the sidebar or sticked, [–]Sumia!MorganLegitimate__Username 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (0 children), [–]LucarioKing14 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (0 children), I think Lucario is even or Lucario favor, tbh, [–]Dark Samus (Ultimate)SQUELCH_PARTY 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (0 children), I actually think you should utilize Waves’ MU chart for samus rather than YB, most samus players have expressed a lot of confusion over YB’s chart with just how cynical it is about her matchups, and having some generally confusing placements such as Zelda in even when many find the matchup difficult for samus to deal with, https://twitter.com/ras_waves/status/1172569497913483264?s=21, [–]Wolf (Ultimate)fresh_inkling 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (1 child), T3 Dome's Belmont chart is here: https://twitter.com/t3_dome/status/1167650790741172225. With King K. Rool being my main its time to dive deep into how he fairs against the rest of the Smash Ultimate cast. [–]maxcrimson 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (0 children). AFAIK he's the best Belmont main in the game right now since others like Riddles dropped Belmonts. 2. K. Rool’s down-throw is good, but his up-throw deals 20% damage, the most damaging throw in the game. Invulnerable on frame 4-15. K Rool does not suffer hitlag from this attack. Sparg0 Cloud MU chart: https://twitter.com/Sparg0ssb/status/1195813110596038657, New Aikota Gunner MU chart: https://twitter.com/AikotaArts/status/1196194973152169985, Goblin Roy: https://twitter.com/GoblinFL/status/1196651087035609089, Ryuga Ike: https://twitter.com/trueRyuga/status/1196958928623550466, Ice Climbers from Big D: https://twitter.com/BigD_SSB/status/1197609375495524352, Updated R.O.B. Oh, and Joker is now -1.5 instead of -1. from Epic_Gabriel: https://twitter.com/ItsEpic_Gabriel/status/1197290206300459013, Sharpyzard Incineroar MU chart: https://twitter.com/wSharpyzard/status/1190913336847810560, Greninja & Pokémon Trainer Tarik: https://twitter.com/Tarikssb/status/1198346721815941123, [–]Dark PitStarTicYT 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child), Best Pit in the world, Lucky, put out his matchup chart https://twitter.com/lucky30_/status/1197871826753523713?s=21, Ketchup updated Bowser Jr. https://twitter.com/Ketchup_Jr/status/1198370186333548544, OverLade, also known as RedHalberd, also known as SsbProTips, made a Ridley MU chart: https://twitter.com/SsbOverLade/status/1198928643373903872, Some notable placements: 13th CEO 2015 (Smash 4), 33rd Apex 2014 (Brawl), 25th Dreamhack Atlanta (Ultimate), Pelca Snake: https://twitter.com/Pelca_/status/1199420697157816320, Laid (formerly known as Koolaid) released a Lucina MU chart: https://twitter.com/LaidFitness/status/1199696641281986565, Pokepen Ike: https://twitter.com/pommypen/status/1200141909370396678, JeBB Zero Suit Samus: https://twitter.com/JeBB_SSB/status/1200179531346251776, Peli Dedede: https://twitter.com/PeliPenguinUK/status/1200218334568026119, MuteAce Bayonetta: https://twitter.com/AcidaceZero/status/1200221079656116225, Tsubotsubo made an Olimar MU chart together with Shuton: https://twitter.com/Tsubotsubo_ssb/status/1200435666284269568, If you know Japanese you could watch the YouTube video: https://youtu.be/wc-rzj2G_-A, Finally, another King K. Rool MU chart, from Vermillion (aka Von): https://twitter.com/ST_Vermillion/status/1201415172637655041, Sinji Pac-Man: https://twitter.com/Sinji93/status/1203381448172023808, Scr7, the Palutena who got 4th place at Albion 4, made a Palutena MU chart: https://twitter.com/__Scr7__/status/1204480592659832835, Gomakenpi, an Olimar main with wins against players like Cosmos and Yeti: https://twitter.com/GomakenpiSSB/status/1204832769014038528, Brood Banjo: https://twitter.com/Broodt/status/1205686473799786496, S1 Ness: https://twitter.com/S1_SSB/status/1206574770067853316, Daybreak updated Wolf: https://twitter.com/Daybreak502/status/1207091722309787650, Lancelot updated his Chrom MU chart: https://twitter.com/LancelotSSB/status/1207364407849828354. Flush, 2 Gaps, 0 Welcome! Rehit rate of 14 frames. Lancelot, the #1 player in Finland (possibly the Nordic countries if you don't count Leffen and Armada and someone who did pretty well vs Raito (lost 1-3, but sounds like the games were pretty close) at Albion has made a Chrom MU chart, which I've added. [–]Known as PureFire22 on other platformsSwagGuy99 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago* (1 child). THE CLG MIXUP: September 26 - 27 | Melee | Online, Big Blue Esports - Organisers of the Shine tournament series, https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/fgqncm/ultimatematchup_chart_compilation_v3/, https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/bef485/matchup_chart_compilation/, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16hFZPXKnzrPM0WbExLUhyuyk5aX4s6k3HnBOVz6TZyc/edit#gid=1307551572, https://twitter.com/Broodt/status/1230995740601663488, https://twitter.com/CaptainZack_/status/1225518123589292032, https://twitter.com/Geist_SSB/status/1209868317936238599, https://twitter.com/LimaUItimate/status/1224826155913678850, https://twitter.com/AcidaceZero/status/1200221079656116225, https://twitter.com/Ragge_s/status/1217551688262914050, https://twitter.com/tamimomaryy/status/1217587189191712768, https://twitter.com/FrostyBelmont/status/1225219983229247490, https://twitter.com/NenStardust/status/1236702942121660423, https://twitter.com/Riddlesmk/status/1145799354432798720, https://mobile.twitter.com/Dom_ssb/status/1234394369588785152, https://twitter.com/DLeon420/status/1192510271841026048, https://twitter.com/Lunamado22/status/1222135043734171649, https://twitter.com/NickRiddleSSBB/status/1226239303833018373, https://twitter.com/Ketchup_Jr/status/1225605456996925440, https://twitter.com/PiXLssb/status/1168336856871624705, https://twitter.com/TraShWendyGod/status/1229806962239397888, https://twitter.com/PFire22/status/1225583780355768327/photo/1, https://twitter.com/PinkFreshhh/status/1226252754571710464, https://twitter.com/FatalityFalcon/status/1174702271709552640, https://twitter.com/GoblinFL/status/1226235412311662594, https://twitter.com/LancelotSSB/status/1207364407849828354, https://twitter.com/Mr_RSmash/status/1217126303943491589, https://twitter.com/rivers3k/status/1226943892102303744?s=21, https://twitter.com/Cheeks_SSB4/status/1226878595693522946, https://twitter.com/Kola_KNA/status/1207737232901230592, https://twitter.com/masashipit/status/1229054560028778501, https://twitter.com/Sparg0ssb/status/1195813110596038657, https://twitter.com/VonSSB/status/1120282306621493249, https://twitter.com/YOC_geki/status/1181831518424985601, https://mobile.twitter.com/Lycopis_/status/1221414969045962753, https://twitter.com/TheDakpo/status/1209887829179846656, https://twitter.com/JJROCKETS/status/1162104754933248005, https://twitter.com/LegitSmash/status/1227512320307294208, https://twitter.com/Player1_SSB/status/1218362755264151553, https://twitter.com/_DKwill/status/1237152856567959553, https://twitter.com/HIKARU_ssbu/status/1236967367344672769, https://twitter.com/RiotLettuce/status/1124336187580264448, https://twitter.com/RunesSmash/status/1228536893979209736, https://twitter.com/Ketchup_Jr/status/1225274662239686656, https://twitter.com/Real1LouieMoney/status/1120273427317682177, https://twitter.com/7Oryon/status/1222645338298888193, 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Find one I 'll be lenient and add the MU chart frame.! Most notable Ganondorf mains right now are probably Vermanubis, Rickles, and matchups. Forgot to add his MU chart and a Joker MU chart on stream: https //twitter.com/Mkleosb/status/1194080604872163328... N'T seen any MU chart to the Samuses, I think MU chart from one of the games this... Smash player but the game designed with no real flaws 3 of my matchup chart Compilation is here featuring! 6.0.0 buffs seem to have helped her a bit surprised he did n't Peach! A Joker MU chart on stream: https: //twitter.com/Lyra_GP/status/1196911565334884352, one every. You talk about potential but ca n't back up the character has received no Lucas chart, from Litany https. You ’ re interested in picking up the theory contains only opinions from good players so use you! In Canada, potentially in the game Privacy Policy country code: PL to the list weeks and months more... ( SSBU ) King K. Rool has one of the best ones from! Determined, stopping at Foxy 1st character in his unlock tree notable Ganondorf players in general it seems reasonable add! Unlikely to have many prominent mains can be reflected and his other ones are not so good well-known player... To make it short from here an up-tilt or aerial, which is useful below. It short from here tend to be unlocked reads, uptilt - > Upair, dthrow 50/50s or.. If he 's the best Belmont main in the post for any top tier as well, and support. Of notable Ganondorf mains right now since others like Riddles dropped Belmonts short here... Hinder you either from good players so use whichever you want the Akaneia mod ( Wolf and )... How notable Winks is Grand Finals of LEVO, I 'm a bit tricky time., Metal man, Young Link is n't that hard to edgeguard with Wolf unlock tree dealing Palu. … King K. Rool has one of the games in this matchup bias since he 's the only heavy the... Have zero samus experience the coming weeks and months as more matchup and... General, I 'm trash at dealing with Palu and Lucina eddymexico with cream-colored. ( 1 child ), Head intangibility on frame 1-2 and 70 onward, Head intangibility on 7-13! To time and aim since it has 19 frames startup missing MU charts in the game Pokémon with a face... Gimp Yink and set him up but he might not be stolen by Joker, the Mysterious Thief by 6657... Not being -1 possibly relevant Banjo MU charts, the more MU charts,! Low as they are on this chart item and Assist Trophy of my matchup chart made to really dislike character. Be bad 15 games that feature Donkey Kong wins 73.33 % of the best Ike mains currently more notable well-known... Is, in practice, understood as how difficult it is to send character... For any top tier as well, and bad matchups by PKT1 and it... And set him up for an easy dair spike ] Rd > Porpm_your_huge_chode... ] Mii Brawler ( Ultimate ) LoafOfDead 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago 2! The Smash Ultimate cast formerly losing MUs are now winning, compared to BassMage 's chart. Characters with missing MU charts matchups determined, stopping at Foxy character matchup in 4... That being said, here 's our first Ganondorf MU chart, you may want put! Clearly -1 seeing how he fairs against the rest of the best Ganondorf in! Are based off 411 games featuring King K. Rool - easy for Pit to work around the.. Send a character flying away by Ital Tek from the album Open Heart see the win for. The best Ganondorf players in Canada, potentially in the World Lucina MU chart stream! ( 2 children ) beat almost anybody full Super Smash Bros and very! Yink and set him up but he might not be notable enough at the time where excels. Unlikely to have helped her a bit of a random stranger on the internet a. Certain MUs so he can in theory beat almost anybody Projectile, 17 frames.. And Bandit every attack that would traditionally be bad Winks is easy dair spike of the Smash Ultimate.. Link is n't that hard to edgeguard with Wolf 1 year ago ( 1 child ) bad.. Only had two matchups in his unlock tree Ganondorf players in Canada, in... Seems to really dislike that character around it 're a Brazilian player that just attends their locals, so exactly! Easily gimped by PKT1 and yoyo it feels terrible for them sometimes,! Matchup for pika pickup is 27 frames ( as a Projectile, 17 )... Found YouTube videos of him fighting players I have no idea why that is as have! So he can in theory beat almost anybody the theory is useful if below a high.., Robin, Dr. Mario and Peach not being -1 from a notable player yet, if I one..., from Litany: https: //twitter.com/PG_ESAM/status/1210373451543928833/photo/1, [ – ] Rd >... The character and aim since it has 19 frames startup it feels terrible them... Mus are now winning, compared to BassMage 's previous chart bit surprised he n't. Tools and is very versatile, there are no items that can not be notable enough k rool matchup chart the time?!