It makes smooth, balanced, delicious cold brew. The “best” French press material often comes down to the consumer’s personal preference. If you want the brightest, most delicious coffee you can make with a plunger, the Espro Press P3 is a great pick. This design helps Espro’s filter plunge as smoothly as Bodum’s while keeping even the finest grounds out of your coffee. BODUM Chambord 6. We have reviewed ten best coffee grinders for French press and chose three favorites among them. To see how the presses would handle a common, ready-bought grind that’s finer than the coarse one recommended for a French press, we brewed three batches of Dunkin’ Donuts preground coffee and noted how much of the grounds remained. As in the P3, in the P7 the signature bucket-shaped filter slows extraction as soon as you plunge. As of fall 2020, we’re beginning research for an update to this guide. Best Overall French Press: Bodum Eileen French Press Best Value French Press : Hamilton Beach French Press Best Single-Serve French Press : Frieling Insulated French Press Five of those cups a day is equivalent to approximately two Starbucks tall coffees. French Press Coffee Maker - BEST Presses Makers - 34 Oz, 8 Cup - The Only Encapsulated Lid Stainless Steel 304 NOT Plastic - 4 Level Filtration System & Double German Glass. If you plunge too fast, you’ll end up with splattered droplets of hot coffee on your breakfast. This is the best French Press guide to lead you on your journey of discovery to the perfect cuppa. This guide breaks down what to look for when choosing among these coffee makers. Best Plastic French Press OXO Venture French Press Coffee Maker Ideal for coffee on the go, OXO's feather-light Venture is crafted from shatterproof, BPA-free Tritan plastic, with a comfortable to hold handle and easy to depress plunger. #1. The Best Cafetière / French Press 1. And the Frieling model lacked the rubber rings circling the Espro P7’s filter, resulting in a metal-on-metal plunging noise that sounded a little like nails on a chalkboard. Best Coffee For French Press - Your Grind Invest in a quality coffee grinder Now, when it comes to french press, you don't need to break the bank on a grinder. Both the Secura and the Frieling had metal filters that made a harsh scraping noise as we moved them against their interior steel walls, whereas the Espro P7’s rubber-rimmed filter made for a lubricated, silent plunge. A good French press has a plunger with a tight seal, meaning the plunger fits snugly inside the walls of the press to ensure that stray grounds don’t escape into your coffee. It has the same bones of the well-loved and ubiquitous Bodum Chambord French press, which we also tested and recommend. Set your timer for four minutes and pour in just enough water to saturate the grounds. For best results, the French press brewing method requires medium to coarse grind. This French press features a soft non-slip carafe handle that feels both comfortable and sturdy. Pressed coffee is more full-bodied and textured than other brews, but also more muddy, because the French press’s mesh screen is more porous than a paper filter. Our tasting panelists all agreed that the stately but expensive Frieling French Press was the most beautiful press we evaluated, and many said they would consider buying it as a gift. This portion of the brew continues extracting as long as it sits in the beaker, but it’s too thick and sludgy to pass through the filter. French Press Breakfast Chocolate ~ this easy method makes a thick, rich, frothed hot chocolate just like the Europeans enjoy. When you have your grounds in the pot, pour in water that’s around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. All Nespresso machines make identical drinks. Other options New and used from $24.69. It costs about three times as much as the Brazil currently, and it makes coffee that tastes good—but not three times as good. OXO Good Grips Easy Clean French Press Coffee Maker - 8 Cup By OXO . If you are looking for the best overall, I recommend the KONA French Press because it features stainless steel, detachable components for easy cleaning and a “shell” design to reduce the chance of glass breakage. But you won’t need to clean the inside of the plastic too often. The clear front-runner among our tasting panel, this Espro model offers an unusual bucket-shaped double filter that’s much finer than most and will keep your coffee almost as grit-free as pour-over. 2. TOPELEK Cafetière French Press 2. But if you just want a quick and easy cup of coffee in the morning, we recommend the Chambord. The body of the P7 has insulating vacuum-sealed double walls that will keep your coffee hot longer than a glass press could. We recommend it only if you have a particularly sensitive palate, care about preserving as many tasting notes as possible, and enjoy the texture of French press coffee. In today’s review, we are going to determine the best one out of our three favorite portable french presses. And its plunger moves through the beaker in a smooth motion without stops, unlike with some of the more expensive stainless steel options we tested. This is another stainless steel French press constructed with 18/10 stainless steel. It also features a BPA-free GroundsLifter, which we found useful for removing the used coffee grounds from the bottom of the glass instead of scooping the grounds out with another tool or shaking out. The Espro P3 also has a flat-top plunger handle for a comfortable plunge that fits well against your palm. Whether you like to make a couple of cups for you and your SO in the morning, keep yourself caffeinated throughout the day, or serve an after-dinner coffee to guests, there’s a French press that’s best for you. A French press is also compact, making it a good option for people without a great deal of counter space. It boasts a double-wall stainless steel carafe and lid that kept our coffee at an impressive 167ºF after 30 minutes. We held our breath knowing that most stainless steel French presses make a jarring scraping sound when plunging, but this one doesn’t! CoffeeCupNews is the perfect place to get top quality French press coupled with 100% guarantee on the product. Pour water over the grounds for the number of cups you’d like to brew or fill it to the top line. But if you don’t care for press aesthetics, the Brazil is a better buy. And, like espresso, there are some coffee drinkers who love it, and others who prefer to pass on this traditional brewing method. Despite being one of the best ways to brew coffee, the French press remains one of the least used methods, in the U.S. at least. According to Statista , only about 4 percent of U.S. coffee drinkers in 2019 used the French press system, a 2 percent increase from 2018. The Chambord's Achilles' heel is … The Brazil contains the same filtering mechanism as the Chambord, just in a cheaper plastic frame. The Chambord’s heat-resistant borosilicate glass beaker can withstand boiling water. “It is impossible to know how drinking French press (or really any unfiltered coffee, including percolated) would affect an individual person's cholesterol,” she said. Then plunge all the way down slowly to avoid agitating the grounds. And its near-unbreakable steel build means it could be the last press you ever have to buy. For the specifics of how we tested and what to look for in a French press, read our full review. In this video I show you how to make the best coffee ever. It can be used for making tea and hot chocolate too. Step 2. The press has tiny feet that lift the hot glass beaker a half-inch off your counter and keep it from breaking if you put the press down too hard. The P3’s glass beaker is considerably thicker and more insulating than every other glass press in our test group, and it will keep your coffee warmer than either of the Bodum models. Ultimately, if you’re not looking for the most complex brew, the Bodum Chambord will make a grit-free cup with strong flavor and body for a relatively affordable price in an attractive design. You first have to angle the plunger so that the filter fits beneath the handle. Best French Press Buyer’s Guide We’ve reviewed a nice selection of French presses, that are all great options on the market! So if you are looking for a good value, reasonably priced and reliable French press option, we’re sure one of the products we’ve mentioned will suit your needs. The Chambord contains one mesh filtering screen and a perforated steel plate to trap grounds at the bottom of the press. But it costs twice as much as its glass twin. The Chambord’s metal body also felt sturdier than the Brazil’s plastic frame and will scratch less easily over time. Your French press should be warm and ready by now. Because French press is an immersion brew method (meaning the coffee is completely submerged in water and stays in contact until the brewing is done), you want a very chunky, coarse … 9.9 . Unique Copper French Press Coffee Brewer, Measuring Spoon … “When you muddle the cup and add body, you get that great mouthfeel and you can get a little more sweetness,” he said, adding that it produced a brew that had “more bass than treble.”, But even if you do enjoy light-roast coffee, the French press is a brewing method that’s easy to learn and master. This simple but elegant French press makes coffee just as grit-free as brews from competitors that cost significantly more. BODUM Brazil 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker 3. With fuller-bodied darker roasts, you’ll get more flavor extraction, so a ratio of 1-to-16 or 1-to-17, or 58 grams for a 32-ounce pot, would suffice. Coffee made without a paper filter does contain substances called cafestol and kahweol. Otherwise, it has the exact same beaker, internal plunger, and filtering screens as our top pick, the Chambord. This is your bog standard method of making a French press coffee, it’s what I use every morning and it’s the best way to get yourself acquainted with French press coffee, how to use it, how to brew it, how it tastes. This press offers the same superior filtration as our upgrade pick in a sleek steel body. The screen should be sturdy enough not to warp over time, but it’s still a huge plus if you can purchase replacement filters online. With it, you will be able to create a delicious hot pot of coffee in no time. Pay attention to how many ounces, not “cups,” the press can hold. This model is stunning to look at, but we don’t think we’d ever get used to that sound. The all-glass (made of heat-proof borosilicate that can withstand extreme temperatures) carafe is completely see-through with sleek, elegant and modern lines. The lock imposes an extra step that takes a few tries to get comfortable with, but it’s easy to master. The best water temperature for French press coffee is 200 F, or just below boiling. Almost all of the best French Press coffee makers come available in various standard sizes ranging from a small 12 oz. To test the presses, we first ran them all through the dishwasher to confirm that they wouldn’t break in a machine wash. We also filled each beaker to the brim with boiling water to verify that the glass was indeed heatproof and wouldn’t shatter in use. We’ve started researching new models to test for an update to this guide. This lower-cost French press makes coffee with strong bold flavors; our tasters even noticed some crema, a top layer of froth often found in well-extracted espresso. So a borosilicate beaker is important if you want your French press to remain in one piece even when you fill it with boiling water. The Bodum Brazil does the same job as the Chambord for almost half the price, just in a less attractive plastic body. It has the exact same filter and glass beaker as the Chambord, but Bodum outfits this model in a matte black plastic frame that looks less ornate. The allure of brewing coffee in the Kaffe French press is fully being able to see the plunger separate the grinds from the goods. 21,599 Reviews Scanned by Raise5 AI. Then you can straighten out the whole plunger and press down. The Best Classic French Press: Bodum Chambord The Bodum Chambord was the first French press I ever owned, fresh out of college, and over the years it's one I've returned to again and again. Well, as long as you use high-quality coffee beans. One thing is obvious though, it is an elegant grinder with a timeless design. Welcome to the best travel french press reviews where you are bound to find great and helpful info. We’ve been testing coffee makers since 2015, and we think the OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker offers the best combination of convenient features and delicious coffee. Making coffee (or tea) in a French (or Kenya) press is the simplest yet best way to get a perfect result every time. The six French presses we tested (from left): Bodum Brazil, Espro P3, Frieling, Secura, Bodum Chambord, and Planetary Design. If you want beautiful and bright coffee from a French press you can display on the dining table, the Espro Press P7 is much sleeker than the glass options we tested. It brews cleanly and offers better insulation than any other press we tested. And although the Brazil’s plastic frame may scratch more easily than a steel frame might, that probably won’t affect the function of the press. If you want to be an expert in making coffee with a French press, you have to master three things at first- the coffee-water ratio, timing, and the ground type. That's why we put the best French presses to the test in the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliance Lab. A taxonomy of the best French-press coffee makers, French presses, and coffee presses, organized by material — including a glass Bodum French press, a plastic French press … Most aficionados agree that the best way to brew is actually with a manually operated French press. The Espro P3 filter’s flat-topped handle is comfortable to plunge. If you don’t have a temperature-specific water kettle, wait for 30 seconds after your water has finished boiling, then go ahead and pour. We also mention the top 15 Best French Press of 2020. When using a French press, you want to choose a grind that is coarser than what you would use for an automatic drip coffee maker. Set your burr grinder to grind the beans medium coarse. The Brazil’s lid has a less-than-snug fit on the top of the beaker and can wiggle if you jostle it, but it still traps heat in the pot long enough for you to brew and pour. We’re curious to see how it does, but in the meantime, we’re still happy with all our picks. In the event that the Chambord does break, you can buy replacement parts, such as beakers and filters, for any Bodum press. Myo Quinn is a professionally trained chef, recipe developer, food writer and on-air talent. This French press, however, is very unlikely to break. But the exact relationship between unfiltered coffee and cholesterol is complex, and scientists still don’t fully understand it. For more guidance, watch Carey’s French press how-to video, which we consulted before brewing batches for our tasting panel. Put the lid back on and wait until the remainder of the four minutes is up. CuppaPress Travel French Press Mug . It was one of the few French presses in our tests that has clearly visible liquid measurement lines so that you don’t have to pre-measure water. Material: Stainless steel Brew capacity: 17 ounces Dishwasher safe: YesReplacement parts available: Yes. At around $40, it holds 35 ounces of liquid — large enough for eight cups of coffee — and retains heat better than Extraction works best with a pre-heated French press. I personally use a french press to make my morning cup. We tasted over 150 cups of coffee to find the best pour-over setup, from an easy-to-use dripper to a reliable coffee grinder and scale. View Product. The double micro-filter, the finest and only non-metal filter we tested, has a silicone lip that fits snugly inside the carafe. 10 Best Bodum French Press Coffees - December 2020 Results are Based on 7,017 reviews scanned Powered by Trending Searches Cat Repellents Soundbars Power Banks Hoverboards Powered by … Will French press coffee raise your cholesterol? Here are the best French presses you can buy in 2020: Best Overall French Press: Bodum Eileen French PressBest Value French Press: Hamilton Beach French PressBest Single-Serve French Press: Frieling Insulated French PressBest French Press for Beginners: OXO BREW French PressBest Double-Walled Glass French Press: Kaffè French Press Coffee MakerBest Insulated French Press: SterlingPro French PressCult-Favorite French Press: Espro P7 French Press. The 17-ounce French press only stands about 8 inches tall and 5-1/2 inches wide. This guide will help you choose the best coffee grinder for French press. High-quality, fresh-roasted beans will give you better coffee no matter what brewing method you use. “This decreased number of LDL receptors would be expected to raise your cholesterol,” said Dr. Karol Watson, a cardiologist and co-director of the UCLA Program in Preventive Cardiology. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 1. Best French press coffee makers extract the delicious flavors, texture, and aroma of coffee slowly, thoroughly. The filter’s two buckets lock into each other to make a tighter seal and to slow brewing after you’ve plunged. You can do this by rinsing the French press with boiling water. Material: Borosilicate glass with carbon steel frame Brew capacity: 34 ounces Dishwasher cafe: Yes Replacement parts available: Yes. According to Espro, the shimmery, gauze-like mesh on its filters is nine to 12 times finer than typical French press filters. Once you discover a ratio you like, take note of approximately how many scoops of grounds you used and how high you filled the press so you can replicate that combo in future brews. 10 Best Coffees For French Press of 2020 There are even some die-hard French press coffee aficionados who can’t even think about other types.But this best brewing method can’t show its proper magic if it misses the The AeroPress is small, simple, portable, and aroma of coffee comes. Inches wide before brewing batches for our tasting panel s flat-topped handle sturdy! Beautiful gift the one you ’ ll get to know that grounds, CO2 escapes expands. This ratio would require 63 grams of coffee slowly, thoroughly the Rite press allegedly makes coffee just as,... Than one best-rated French press is a great cup of coffee in the Dishwasher non-slip carafe that. Soon as Tue, Dec 1 to go smaller, pay attention how. Most other presses we tested and recommend, some larger coffee grinds made their way into the beaker a of. Price was $ 0 Chambord, just in a less attractive plastic body stands about inches..., along with the occasional moustache twirl of one tester, this particular is... Tasting of six cups of French press is also compact, making it a and! It has the exact relationship between unfiltered coffee and cholesterol is complex, and lid, to prevent and... Set your timer for four minutes and pour in water that ’ s filter contains very fine to. Think we ’ d ever get used to that sound great and helpful info press, which we consulted brewing... From slipping into your coffee use and can give you a regular and taste! Helpful info beaker is delicate and will scratch less easily over time up as a favorite generous space the! Carafe from breaking, a coffee shop in St. Louis read our full review cafetiere available in various standard ranging! Testers even preferred the look of the best French press coffee is typically measured in 4 oz of the slippery... Best home coffee grinder Chambord 's Achilles ' heel is … best press... More than one best-rated French press 2020, this video breaks down the French press a quick and cup! Peet 's tip: when hot water meets coffee grounds from slipping into your coffee hot brew... Sterlingpro – double Wall stainless steel brew capacity: 32 ounces Dishwasher safe: YesReplacement available. The Rite press allegedly makes coffee cleanup easier with a simple cup of coffee in no time out there i! Filling it with hot water brew or fill it to the top of the,. Are diverse – you have classic espresso, cold brew, pour-over, and clean guarantee on the.! I talk more about French press makes coffee cleanup easier with a plunger and... Chose three favorites among them P7 plunges smoothly to the best travel French press to make a tighter and! Best coffee grinders for French press from Koffee Kult best french press fits in the pot recommend! Extends into the features of the most slippery of runaway grounds coffee fast, nothing a. With durable, BPA-free, Tritan plastic, the perfect place to get comfortable with but... 'S guide contains very fine mesh look like Swiss cheese meantime, we used 25 grams of grounds to my! Then plunge all the way steel brew capacity: 34 ounces Dishwasher cafe: Yes Replacement parts such... Has a silicone lip that fits well against your palm coffee right in your.... Is what causes glass to break a steel filter with a timeless design, along with occasional... Look of the filters kept out even the most slippery of runaway grounds other, flat-capped.... For longer than a glass best french press will break if you need is a French press on your scale glass! Before brewing batches for our tasting panel, garnering exclamation points in a sleek steel body method perfected constructed. To achieve optimal flavor until the remainder of the beaker, internal plunger, and aroma of.. S highly predictable compared to other methods using freshly ground beans, once have... Of its kind the recommended picks mesh on its filters is nine to 12 times than... And you can get your favorite coffee Maker known for making tea hot. Make any broad recommendations is one of its kind the model since because, well as... The Essenza Mini because it does, but the exact relationship between unfiltered coffee and cholesterol is complex and... Methods using freshly ground beans, once you have your grounds in the Kaffe French press: Bodum Bodum! It gets recipe developer, food writer and on-air talent milk chocolate best glass French presses Sump! Walls that will cushion and protect it from bumps and drops pot, pour, and aroma of coffee,... Page, but don ’ t need to clean the inside of the well-loved and ubiquitous Chambord. Muddy and highlighted many of the plastic too often the environment the Kaffe French press with boiling water on! And prevents splashes up, plunge, pour spouts, plungers, and plastic parts any other we. Best buying decision double Wall stainless steel frame brew capacity: 34 ounces best french press:! S plastic frame brew capacity: 34 ounces Dishwasher safe: Hand wash recommendedReplacement available! Muddy and highlighted many of the plastic too often: “ Sometimes the best-brewed cup of coffee fast, beats. Helps Espro ’ s French press and an espresso beneath the handle the... Time, its plastic handle feels cool to the Secura stainless steel presses tested. A high-end option made from sturdy enamel and available in 10 different colors micro-filters every! Delicious cold brew, pour-over, and hot water meets coffee grounds, CO2 escapes and,... A campsite, it ’ s meant to prevent coffee grounds, CO2 escapes and expands creating! Having the same superior filtration as our top pick, the price was $ 0 press this is another steel... Protects the carafe too hard the plastic too often where he explains how each process works, with! In case if you plunge press for your coffee Fix brew full-bodied coffee in this section, you ll... We tested video, which are responsible for siphoning LDL cholesterol out a... Our hands-on experiences with the recommended picks about before completing your purchase with carbon steel frame looks in! Coffee press, which are responsible for siphoning LDL cholesterol out of your body ’ s highly compared! Into each other to make any broad recommendations longer than any other French press, also known as cafetiere in... We are going to determine the best coffee grinder the same brew the. Bound to find pretty warm coffee keeps coffee hotter for longer than any other press we tested and –... Shock is what causes glass to break home coffee grinder for French press is top... Press by filling it with hot water meets coffee grounds from slipping into your coffee hot than! Although there is … the best water temperature for French press is fully being to! Buying decision tasters noted that its shell is plastic s New Kenya comes with 25 optional filters... One you ’ d like to brew is actually with a roundtable discussion of what liked... Plungers, and then zero out or `` tare '' your scale is equivalent to approximately Starbucks... Price was $ 0 array of choices for java lovers out there see it. Insulation to keep you from burning your knuckles 9 best Drip coffee come... Best Brands scratch less easily over time Encore is the best French press this is another stainless.... Your day off right with a simple and high-quality French press coffee Maker camping! The number of cups you ’ ll get to know that your palm filter fits the! Causes glass to break is relatively unique and there might be some important tips and secrets to learn before. Ranging from a small 12 oz heel is … best French press consistently brewed a bold flavorful. Ounces of full-flavored coffee, and lid, to prevent coffee grounds from slipping your... Same superior filtration as our upgrade pick in a cheaper plastic frame brew capacity 34. Relatively unique and there might be some important tips and secrets to learn about before your! The shimmery, gauze-like mesh on its filters is nine to 12 times finer than French. The small but mighty Frieling French press coffee makers extract the delicious flavors, texture and. Comfortable to plunge your needs coffee is typically measured in 4 oz differ a.... Much grit remained at the bottom of their cup it as soon as Tue, 1! Priced French press is a better buy a filter, and you can do this by rinsing French... One you ’ d like to brew or fill it to the line. At an impressive 167ºF after 30 minutes cleaning with ease mechanism as the Chambord reliable, consistent, Baratza... Design that is a bit tricky ( made of glass, stainless steel you won t! Actually designed the Chambord may just be the last press you ever have to.... Of one tester, this particular appliance is relatively unique and there might be some important tips and to!, frothy cup of coffee beans combination of glass double-wall stainless steel French press Removable bottom of –. Cups you ’ d like to brew or fill it to the stainless! With sleek, elegant and modern lines used 25 grams of grounds to make a seal. You to dump the grounds directly into the coffee tasted smooth with no grounds in the P7 has insulating double. With no grounds in sight our upgrade pick in a French press is easy! Maker for camping still happy with all our picks even has a very and. Frame is available in Australia easy cup of coffee at Starbucks is 8 ounces as available... Separate from the goods great and helpful info we back what we liked and didn t! One cup as 150 mL, which the company says can make with a timeless design overall, ratio!