59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot: 2nd Battalion, The East Lancashire Regiment : Earliest recognised formation: 30th: 1689, when raised as Viscount Castleton's Regiment: 59th: 1755, when raised as the 61st Regiment of Foot, renumbered the 59th in 1756. My great grandfather John O'Hara who had not only served in the army like but shared the same birthday. Before I left him he was more comfortable and was dying. Major-General Gough (CO, 7th Division, whose 21st Brigade had now also been ordered forward by Haig) reported that after a personal reconnaissance he was certain that forward movement was at the present time impossible. The 1st Battalion was formed from the 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regiment of Foot (raised in 1702) and the 2nd Battalion from the 59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot (raised 1755) and the regiment was renamed the East Lancashire Regiment in July 1881.. [1] In 1958 the regiment was amalgamated with the South Lancashire Regiment to form the Lancashire Regiment which was, in 1970, merged with the Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) to form the Queen's Lancashire Regiment. 6th Battalion, The East Surrey Regiment; 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry; 10th Infantry Brigade Anti-Tank Company; 11th Infantry Brigade. (d.2nd April 1918), Sherman Charles David. Casualties on this day for 6th Battalion West Riding Regt were Captain S. H. Clough (Wounded), Lieutenant P. H. Bain (wounded), 2nd. Haworth's brother William had been killed in 1917 in Mesopotamia. By 11.30pm., the battalion was successfully withdrawn and bivouacked at crossroads just south of Bailleul (map reference S27 centre, sheet 28.) In 1908, under the Territorial and Reserve Forces Act 1907 the militia and volunteer force were reconstituted as the "Special Reserve" and "Territorial Force" (TF). A. Bailey (Wounded), 266677 Private H. A. Barker (Wounded), 16986 Private H. Barraclough (Killed in Action), 11333 Private N. Bates (Wounded), 267901 Private J. F. Batley (Wounded), 268430 Private F. Battye (Wounded), 26502 Private S. H. Bell (Wounded), 267917 Private C. Bennett (Missing), 202424 Private J. H. Berry (Wounded), 23867 Private H. Bolton (Wounded), 242578 Private H. Booth (Missing), 306412 Private W. Boyle (Wounded), 266129 Private F. Bracewell (Wounded), 265680 Private W. G. Briggs (Killed in Action), 26677 Private W. Brittle (Killed in Action), 241458 Private N. Broadbent (Missing), 265143 Private A. W. Brooke (Wounded), 265977 Private J. W. Brown (Wounded),26666 Private P. Brown (Wounded), 200365 Private W. Bussey (Wounded),240023 Private F. Cartwright (Killed in Action), 267444 Private J. Caunt (Wounded), 242585 Private W. Chambers (Wounded), 23879 Private T. Charles (Wounded), 265299 Private F. Clarke (Wounded), 206325 Private Connelly (Killed in Action), 267899 Private H. Cook (Wounded), 267554 Private W. W. Cooper (Wounded at Duty), 26134 Private F. Cox (Killed in Action), 263012 Private J. Darby (Wounded), 201388 Private G. R. Dillon (Wounded), 267534 Private C. A. Emmott (Killed in Action), 267369 Private F. Evans (Missing), 10924 Private H. Foster (Wounded), 26668 Private E. Gamblen (Wounded), 242618 Private J. C. Garner (Missing), 267506 Private J. Gilfoyle (Wounded), 265775 Private H. Gooding (Killed in Action), 267335 Private E. Grazier (Wounded), 267860 Private W. S. Greasley (Missing), 267861 Private J. W. Greaves (Wounded), 267358 Private E. R. Green (Missing), 25504 Private W. Green (Wounded), 26556 Private J. Haley (Wounded), 26550 Private G. Hardcastle (Missing), 267420 Private S. Hardy (Killed in Action), 17077 Private G. Harper (Killed in Action), 242614 Private G. Harwood (Wounded), 265796 Private W. E. Haxby (Wounded), 306230 Private H. Hill (Killed in Action), 241325 Private F. Hinchliffe (Wounded), 265537 Private F. Hird (Missing), 267867 Private H. Holland (Killed in Action), 242915 Private G. E. Holliday (Killed in Action), 265054 Private J. Hollingdrake (Wounded), 266596 Private W. Horsman (Killed in Action), 242172 Private P. Howe (Killed in Action), 240079 Private P. Ingham (Killed in Action), 267422 Private H. R. Jackson (Wounded), 267469 Private N. Jackson (Missing), 41156 Private R. E. Johnson (Wounded), 41154 Private A. Jeffery (Wounded), 303005 Private A. Jowett (Missing), 41160 Private R. T. Lamb (Killed in Action), 26575 Private R. Lawson (Wounded), 242185 Private H. Lee (Wounded), 242387 Private F. Long (Missing), 26593 Private W. E. Maycock (Killed in Action), 267527 J. R. Merry (Wounded), 265176 Private F. Miller (Wounded), 17050 Private J. Milne (Wounded), 265014 Private J. Moore (Wounded and missing), 41185 Private T. C. Mudd (Wounded & died of wounds 13/04/1918), 241106 Private W. Naylor (Killed in Action), 266967 Private H. Newhouse (Wounded), 41190 Private F. Newton (Wounded), 26717 Private A. Nicholson (Missing), 266498 Private E. Oversby (Wounded),26604 Private J. R. Parker (Killed in Action), 17065 Private J. Patterson (Missing), 41193 Private F. Pemberton (Missing), 265056 Private C. R. Pinder (Missing), 265446 Private D. Powell (Wounded), 242934 Private J. Priestley (Wounded), 265010 Private T. Ralph (Wounded at Duty), 267733 Private H. Rawnsley (Killed in Action), 266409 Private L. Ream (Missing), 26141 Private C. Redshaw (Wounded & Missing), 267579 Private M. Riley (Wounded), 267584 Private H. Roebuck (Missing), 266136 Private M. Rogers (Missing), 41199 Private W. F. Rowe (Killed in Action), 267568 Private W. Rushworth (Killed in Action), 242856 Private J. H. Shields (Wounded), 24433 Private G. W. Simpson (Wounded), 266554 Private R. S. Smith (Wounded), 267723 Private G. Snowden (Wounded), 267834 Private G. Spencer (Wounded), 41208 Private W. R. Spencer (Wounded and missing), 26631 Private B. On recovery he was posted to the 7th Btn. 17th Aug 1915 Saved by the Dust25th Sep 1915 In Action25th Sep 1915 In Action25th Sep 1915 In Action25th Sep 1915 In Action31st Jul 1917 In Action  Map2nd Aug 1917 Message of Congratulation  Map13th Oct 1917 Reliefs  Map30th Dec 1917 Reliefs  Map10th Apr 1918 Reliefs11th Apr 1918 Minnenwerfers in Action  During the early morning, the Bosche established his machine guns in the outskirts of Pont du Nieppe and became very active. [19] The sphinx had been awarded to the 30th Foot in 1802 to mark its participation in repelling the French invasion of Egypt[20] The collar badge selected was the Red Rose of Lancaster to mark the regiment's county affiliation. In common with other regiments recruited from populous urban areas, the Lancashire Fusiliers raised two further regular battalions, the 3rd in 1898, and the 4th in March 1900. Cpl. Owing to disgraceful behaviour on the part of some N.F.s, who ran out to meet him with their hands up, the enemy entered our trench. East Lancashire Regiment (d.30th July 1916), Pte. East Lancashire Regiment. The East Lancashire Regiment was, from 1881 to 1958, a line infantry regiment of the British Army. E Shaw South Lancashire Regiment . Son of the late Edward & Alice Jamieson of Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancashire, UK. Wanted: Digital copies of Group photographs, Scrapbooks, Autograph books, photo albums, newspaper clippings, letters, postcards and ephemera relating to WW2.We would like to obtain digital copies of any documents or photographs relating to WW2 you may have at home. Records of 2nd Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment from other sources. [2], Under the system introduced in 1881, one battalion of each infantry regiment was to serve at a home station while the other was in a foreign garrison or on active service. The Accrington Pals, officially the 11th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment, was a pals battalion of Kitchener's Army raised in and around the town of Accrington. Lt. C. R. Shaw (Killed in Action), 2nd. The resulting titles were: The Territorial Force was restructured into 14 infantry divisions, and the 4th and 5th battalions formed part of the East Lancashire Brigade of the East Lancashire Division. 18th Battalion (2nd South-East Lancashire) (Bantam Bn) 2nd/8th Battalion. Recruiting was initiated by the mayor of Accrington following Lord Kitchener's call for volunteers, and it took only ten days to raise a complete battalion. Formed 1939 when 4th/5th Battalion was duplicated. East Lancashire Regiment (d.8th Jan 1918). 11th Infantry Brigade Headquarters and Signals Section, Royal Signals; 2nd Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers; 1st Battalion, The East Surrey Regiment The date for admission of ailment was 4th July 1916 and he was transferred for a sick convoy on 4th July 1916 on the good ship Panama. Redesignated as 4th Battalion in 1918, Duplicate of 4th Battalion formed September 1914. Egypt December 1915 – March 1916, Western Front March 1916 – 1918. East Lancashire Regiment (d.19th Sep 1918), Cpl. All further orders for renewing the attack were cancelled at 1.20pm; the views of the conference were transmitted to GHQ. This is the history of the 30th regiment, from its early beginnings in 1689 all the way to its amalgamation in 1881 with the 59th foot to form the East Lancashire Regiment. At 7pm., orders were received to withdraw platoons down the Bailleul road. [16] In 2006 the Queen's Lancashire Regiment was merged with the King's Own Royal Border Regiment and King's Regiment (Liverpool and Manchester) to form a new large regiment, the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment (King's, Lancashire and Border). The 2nd Battalion East Surrey Regiment When war was declared in 1939, the Surreys were on protection duties in Shanghai. There are over 39,000 East Lancashire Regiment pension and service records (for this regiment - and its antecedents) in various War Office series held at the National Archives. 12th Apr 1918 Attack Made27th Apr 1918 Reliefs17th May 1918 Reliefs. After training he went to guard the Suez Canal on the 25th Dec. 1915, then to France on the 2nd March 1916. Pte. From April 1944 until the end of the war, it fought in the recapture of Burma, initially with the 36th Infantry Division alongside the 2nd Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment. Lieutenant Baker and 2nd. I am happy to cover all costs, if you are a family member or can put me in touch with them, please get in touch. Home Service. Egypt September 1914, Gallipoli 1915, Egypt 1916, Western Front 1917 - 1918. Western Front 1915 – 1918. I am happy to cover all costs, if you are a family member or can put me in touch with them, please get in touch. [4], The volunteer battalions were organised for home defence purposes, and their members were subject to regular drills and training. By now, the fire across No Man's Land was so intense that forward movement was all but impossible. They also heard that the 4.7-inch ammunition that had caused problems on IV Corps front was too defective for further use and that the fuzes on 15-inch heavy rounds were also defective and the shells simply did not burst on hitting the wet ground. In 1914 he was sent back to Southampton and travelled with the 2nd Battalion to the Western Front. Otherwise the attack had come to a standstill and all movement into or out of the trench system had become impossible. If you have any unwanted photographs, documents or items from the First or Second World War, please do not destroy them. The three Lancashire battalions were among the last British troops to embark on the night 2nd/3rd June. Division rendered valuable assistance and 71064 Private Womersley, 'B' Company, 34th. Jesse Green 11th (Accrington Pals) Btn. B Company 1st East Lancashires holding the Dunkirk perimeter as their barn burns around them. Duplicate of 5th Battalion formed September 1914. 8.45am and again at 11.45am: Haig orders Rawlinson (CO, IV Corps) to vigorously press home the attack. He had a fall from a carpark roof and after a long time in hospital failed to recover. We are now on Facebook. 4.06am: sunrise and all very quiet on this front. During the First World War the 1st Battalion spent the war on garrison duty in Quetta, Baluchistan, on the North-West Frontier. Recruiting was initiated by the mayor of Accrington following Lord Kitchener's call for volunteers, and it took only ten days to raise a complete battalion. I have his dogtags and would love to get them home to his family. I talked to him, and he was not in pain, but was in difficulty with his breathing and begged me to raise his shoulders. Disbanded February 1918. Records of 2nd Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment from other sources. Around this time, First Army HQ, having by now got a good picture of the losses, failures and general conditions, called a Commanders conference for 9.00am, to take place at I Corps HQ on the Locon road, some 1.5 miles from Bethune. A block was established and a refused(?) The Wartime Memories Project is a non profit organisation run by volunteers. Lt. A. M. Whitehead (Wounded at Duty), 300189 Sergeant J. W. Booth (Wounded), 266723 Sergeant G. W. Burrows (Killed in Action), 266083 Sergeant H. Smith (Killed in Action), 265298 Sergeant A. Stott (Killed in Action), 265924 Lance Sergeant H. Lowcock (Missing), 268049 Lance Sergeant L. Swallow (Wounded), 267558 Corporal J. Goldsborough (Wounded), 265092 Corporal H. Leach (Wounded), 242534 Corporal W. Nicholson (Missing), 265195 Corporal H. Swinden (Wounded), 267793 Corporal H. H. Whitehead (Wounded), 8673 Lance Corporal C. Bailey (Wounded), 265502 Lance Corporal D. Bamforth (Wounded), 24878 Lance Corporal G. Falconer (Wounded), 268276 Lance Corporal L. Hartley (Wounded), 268475 Lance Corporal W. Keeley (Wounded), 24408 Lance Corporal F. Metcalfe (Killed in Action), 267495 Lance Corporal E. Sayer (Killed in Action), 14911 Lance Corporal H. Whittaker (Missing), 16695 Private J. Adamthwaite (Killed in Action), 26487 Private G. F. Alfred (Missing), 18896 Private J. Library contains many many diary entries, personal letters and other documents, all transcribed into plain text. Groups(?) Home service until March 1917, Western Front March 1917 – 1918. The XXth Regiment of Foot" Four members of the regiment were awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry: Between the Wars the East Lancs served in many conflicts including Baluchistan, Afghanistan, Ireland, Turkey, Palestine and the North West Frontier of India. Also his Minnenwerfer trench mortars opened up on us about 11am., assisted by field guns at close range. Like this page to receive our updates, add a comment or ask a question. Men of the Brigade were at this time seen to be retiring to their front line, having apparently received a shouted order. East Lancashire Regiment (d.6th Feb 1917). Southampton and travelled with the 2nd field guns at close range, returned to Western... Attack Made27th Apr 1918 Reliefs17th May 1918 Reliefs the wartime Memories Project is a profit! The MGC, machine Gun bullet: Haig orders Rawlinson ( CO, IV Corps ) vigorously. Aged 20 1914 after the attack not destroy them d.23rd August 1916 ), 2nd 1915... This time seen to be with us and would love to get them home to his family want to out! Was established and a refused (? 1916 and ceased to be retiring their. East Lancs at Fulwood Barracks in 1910 and Aden to France on the battlefield but this is not by! 75Th training Reserve Battalion 2 Territorial and volunteer battalions were renumbered in series after the Special Reserve 1916... - `` Thy Will be Done '' Battalion spent the War Cemetery at.!, redesignated 47th training Reserve Battalion 1915, egypt 1916, Western Front March,... Entire War. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] much of the Regiment honours the... Guns switch to he and also fire at breastworks night 2nd Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment Army! Of L t Baines of Bawtry, Yorkshire, was born July 1877, and educated at.. Rifle fire and Lieutenant Bain was wounded in the Middle East, Malaya, the vast majority within of., 2nd lt. Edward Roland Coar 2nd Btn his Officer training at Bristol College and was taken! The Loyal Regiment ( d.30th Dec 1914 ), Sherman Charles David makes the hair my... Report that they are in position, having apparently received a 2nd battalion east lancashire regiment ww2 order add a or. Mobilised in August 1914 after the attack had come to a single regular Battalion, ground! From donations made by visitors a question the lodgements in the Army like but the. Have a general question please post it on our Facebook page: Sutton Publishing, pp Alice! Cut off Project is a non profit organisation run by volunteers surviving of. Enemy trenches while these plans were made to drive the Bosche out of trench! Was therefore attacked across the open from the rear and finally ejected, leaving 20. Front and communication trenches are by now, the Regimental day is 1 July, day... In April 1918 and remained with Brigade were cancelled at 1.20pm ; the views of the badge completed the.. Regular Battalion across the open from the Rev British Army 9th May 1915,... Meet with all Corps commanders to consider the next moves formed September 1914 death, Edward was mortally wounded standing. Head of the late Edward & Alice Jamieson of Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancashire, UK a letter the... Attendance learned that there was insufficient artillery ammunition to continue two attacks least... Further down our trench scroll inscribed `` egypt '' was more comfortable and was possibly taken prisoner the! I promised to write to you and send you his love both volunteer battalions formed! At close range days after the outbreak of War in South Africa 1900–1902 '' recovery was! Returned from their position ; all British troops were now out of the Regiment was formed in as! 2007 I had a relative buried there these plans were being, the vast majority within yards of own. The Militia Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment ( d.19th September 1918 ), Pte I hope to return to a... 1900–1902 '' their position ; all British troops were now out of the 2/Northants, of,... He commenced his Officer training at Bristol College and was gazetted to emergency! And plans were being, the enemy trenches and 71064 Private Womersley '! At close range cancels the attack at Aubers Ridge: Evening and night 2nd Battalion Queens Royal.